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      Industrial Bakery Equipment

      best industrial bakery equipment for your baked goods production line fpe

      When it comes to industrial bakery equipment, we supply some of the best in the world. As a world leader in automatic tempering, AMTek Microwave provides the baked goods industry with the most efficient product thawing machinery possible. Eagle PI is a world renowned leader in food inspection systems and foreign body detection. Magurit are leading the way in terms of reducing frozen blocks of fruit or meat into pie fillings. Finally, you cannot go past Elpress for hygiene systems, nor SYSPAL for mechanical handling, all of which are essential for a competitive baked goods manufacturer. 

      From industrial blenders to HACCP compliance technology, FPE supplies all of these machine lines and more right here in Australia and New Zealand. So if your business is bakery production, find out what you need to know below.

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      Cutting-edge industrial bakery equipment available from FPE

      1. AMTek automatic tempering machines

      With an AMTek automatic tempering machine, you can thaw frozen ingredients using sophisticated microwave technology to retain product quality. A single, multi-chamber machine eliminates the need for tempering rooms and several handling sequences, saving you both time and money.

      And now, new from AMTek, is the universal conveyor belt washing system. Whatever conveyor systems you’re using, you can ensure they’re up to hygiene standards without the need for laborious manual cleaning processes. 

      2. BCH industrial blenders

      BCH Ltd blenders are ideal for blending dry cake mixes or fillings for pastries. Controlled via a smart Siemens PLC system, these blenders are capable of handling an impressive range of viscosities and consistencies. Whether you’re producing a smooth liquid or a dry cake mix, you can trust this multi-purpose industrial blending equipment. Available in a range of sizes and capacities, from 75 to 400 litres.

      3. Magurit cutting machines

      Magurit machines are used in the bakery industry for various outcomes, for example:

      • For the reduction of frozen fruit blocks to prepare fruit-based pie fillings. Magurit’s STARCUTTER is a frozen block cutter that reduces the raw material into very small pieces size, to achieve a very fast cooking process and a final product size acceptable for the fillers used.
      • For meat, steak and kidney pie production, the DICECUT® systems are ideal, since these machines cut very uniform cubes from frozen blocks of meat, which are ideal in size after cooking for pie fillings. Due to the sharp blades of the Magurit, the mechanical impact on the product during cutting is very low, and therefore the quantity of fines (lost raw material in the final product) is minimised.
      • The production of croissants often requires the reduction of frozen butter blocks prior to the butter massager and dosing systems for creating the butter layers. Since a fast temperature increase is desired, a thin cut is advantageous, which the STARCUTTER does perfectly. Magurit also offers the STARCUTTER in a CIP version, meaning the machine can be connected to an existing CIP system and be automatically cleaned.

      4. Elpress industrial hygiene systems

      From hygienic entrances and boot cleaning stations to bin washing machines and pallet washers, Elpress has it all. With a focus on total solutions for your manufacturing plant, Elpress makes hygiene easy—and in today’s food production environment, this has never been more important. 

      5. SYSPAL 

      SYSPAL are the go-to manufacturers of superior mechanical handling equipment, including their Single Bin Solution. This solution features multiple machines capable of handling a single Eurobin all the way through weighing, lifting, tipping and tilting, tumbling and mixing, washing and racking procedures without the need for any operator manual handling. 

      6. Eagle baked goods X-Ray inspection systems

      With increased demand for baked goods, manufacturers are looking to optimise their production line. Boulangerie St-Donat, a Canadian manufacturer of authentic pies, cakes and pastries, did this with the Eagle Pack 320 Pro. With the number of baked goods they produce every day, it was essential they improved their food quality assurance and traceability. Now you can do the same.

      With Eagle’s machines, you can get ahead of hazards, contaminants and other output issues. Eagle X-Ray food inspection systems feature world-class dual energy technology and can be installed at any critical control point in your bakery production line.

      Learn more: Ensuring Quality Control in Bakery Processing

      Key points:

      • Detect small bone and metal contaminants
      • Inspect frozen and fresh unpackaged products
      • Wide belt for multi-lane applications
      • Curtain-less design for improved product handling
      • Real-time analytics

      Learn more: X-Ray Inspection Case Study: Boulangerie St-Donat

      Whether it’s blending, cooking, sanitising or some other industrial bakery equipment that you’re after, FPE has you covered. When you order with FPE, the food processing experts, you’ll receive comprehensive customer support, including spare parts supply, equipment training and maintenance. Learn how to improve your bakery production with FPE.

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