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      Industrial Bakery Cleaning Equipment

      Bakery cleaning equipment available from FPE

      If you’re in charge of operations at a processing facility in the baked goods industry, you’ll know how important it is to keep your industrial bakery clean and sanitised. For that, you need the right processes and equipment. FPE supplies best-in-class industrial bakery cleaning equipment in Australia and New Zealand from leading manufacturer Elpress. On this page, you can find out about some of the most popular equipment we have available.

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      Cutting edge bakery cleaning equipment from FPE

      1. Pallet and crate washers


      Elpress’s crate and pallet washing machines are known for their quality. Capable of washing dozens of pallets every hour, they feature:

      • A water level switch that prevents your tanks from running dry.
      • A protective cap over any rotating parts.
      • A safety railing and emergency stop function.

      Elpress‘s pallet and crate washers are world-leading cleaning systems that wash and rinse all in one contained machine. The crate washers wash between 170 to 1280 crates per hour, giving you fast and safe operations from start to finish. With an innovative water level switch to help cut back on water waste, there is also a flap on the end of the chute to prevent water from splashing out when it runs through a cycle.

      If your industrial bakery deals with a lot of pallets and crates, these machines are a must-have investment. 

      2. Hand hygiene systems

      With a passion for hygiene, Elpress focus on four key things when they design a piece of equipment: time, temperature, chemicals, and mechanical force.

      With a deep understanding that HACCP compliance and hygiene are part of the manufacturing process, Elpress hand hygiene systems allow for maximum infection prevention and high-quality, efficient cleaning systems. 

      These industrial hand hygiene systems come in a variety of sizes, are manufactured with adjustable settings and sensor-operated automatic rinsing, and come with HACCP International certification and 4-year warranty on the brushes.

      Industrial sanitiser dispensers are also available.

      3. Boot cleaning stations

      In a baked goods processing plant, it’s not only hand hygiene that matters. It’s essential that footwear is clean and sanitised too. 

      A heavy duty boot cleaning station is the safe footwear barrier between production areas and the rest of the factory. Elpress offers automatic sole cleaning and boot cleaning solutions, as well as boot drying systems featuring heated air and Ozon treatment. Even better, with automatic sensors, hygiene levels stay high while the consumption of chemicals and energy is as low as possible.

      4. Hygienic entrances

      Combining hand and boot cleaning systems into one convenient gateway, the hands-free design of Elpress hygienic entrances ensures that no workers can enter production areas without their hands and feet being cleaned and sanitised. 

      These are available in a variety of configurations, from sole cleaning and hand disinfection all the way through to double entrances capable of sole cleaning and disinfection plus hand washing, drying and disinfection.

      5. Commercial utensil washers

      Elpress utensil washers are suitable for installation in even the smallest of areas, thanks to the compact design. With a large capacity, adjustable washing temperature, special lid design and self-cleaning program, there’s no better choice when it comes to utensil washing solutions.

      The rotating spraying arcs (with nozzles) clean objects from all four sides. This means an optimal cleaning result, even on stubborn dirt. Add this to your bakery equipment line and you won’t be disappointed.

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      Besides the industrial bakery cleaning equipment from Elpress, we also supply machines such as sanitising conveyor belts and mechanical handling equipment by SYSPAL, all of which are ideal for large-scale baked goods production facilities.

      Whether it’s bakery cleaning equipment or some other food processing equipment that you’re after, FPE has you covered. When you order with FPE, you’ll receive comprehensive customer support, including spare parts supply, equipment training and maintenance. 

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      All equipment images courtesy of Elpress