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      Posted by Marie Ristic on in Cook and Chill

      Jet Cook Case Study: Butter Chicken Curry

      Leading food manufacturers from Singapore and India recently visited DC Norris’s state-of-the-art Test Kitchen to trial improved versions of their Butter Chicken Curry and a White Wine Sauce using the Jet Cook Steam Infusion system and Braising Bar technology.

      The two sauces trialled typically take close to 90 minutes to produce, and are accompanied by common issues associated with producing viscose cream or dairy-based sauces; including burn-on contamination, fat separation and droplets post-cooling.

      The Jet Cook Steam Infusion system produced the sauces in just a fraction of the traditional time and had a fresher, cleaner taste as well as a smooth creamy texture. There was zero burn-on when using the Jet Cook Steam Infusion system.

      “The finished curry was restaurant quality, but cooked at incredible speed,” the CEO from a leading restaurant group in Singapore said.

      Jet Cook Steam Infusion System

      Now available in Australia & New Zealand through FPE, DCN’s Jet Cook Steam Infusion system is the fastest and most energy-efficient form of steam cooking on the market. Not only does it cook faster and at lower costs, it cooks better too. The food produced with Jet Cook is more flavourful, has a superior texture and is healthier than food manufactured with other products.

      With the Jet Cook Steam Infusion system, you can:

      • Speed up cooking times
      • Reduce energy costs
      • Enhance food’s taste & texture
      • Eliminate burn-on contamination

      “Production times using Jet Cook are much quicker, whilst giving excellent finished product quality with no burn-on contamination.”

      Nigel McGinn, VP of Operations, Kettle Cuisine

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