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      Posted by Bronwyn Foster-Jones on in Food Processing Technology

      Accles and Shelvoke: Captive Bolt Stunning Of Livestock

      The captive bolt stunning of livestock is a required practice when it comes to humane slaughtering. And if you’re looking for the best captive bolt stunner on the market, you can’t go past Accles and Shelvoke CASH range, which ensure that the captive bolt stunning of livestock is both efficient and safe for the user. The CASH stunning tools were the first product that FPE delivered to the Australian market and have been serving the meat industry for over 50 years. 

      Read on to learn more about how to effectively stun cattle and the tool you need for the job.


      How does a captive bolt work?

      So, what does a captive bolt gun do? A captive-bolt stunner fires a retractable (captive) bolt into the animal’s head to induce unconsciousness. Captive bolt stunners are powered by a blank cartridge and the speed and force of the bolt ensures a safe, humane process to immobilise livestock before slaughter.

      Does captive bolt kill cattle?

      The purpose of captive bolt stunning of livestock is to ensure that the animal is unconscious and oblivious to pain before slaughter. The animal is dead once it has bled out, by means of severing the main arteries.

      Why choose Accles and Shelvoke for the captive bolt stunning of cattle?

      Accles and Shevolke offer a wide range of humane stunning tools, however, for anyone working with cattle, the CASH Special is one of the most important tools for butchery. 

      This durable, heavy duty tool ensures that the process of slaughtering livestock involves minimal stress for both the animals and humans. Providing confidence that animal welfare in a challenging working environment is achieved.

      Captive bolt stunning cattle

      The captive bolt stunning of other large animals

      The CASH Cowpuncher stunning tools are most commonly used for the humane stunning of cattle and pigs, however they may also be used for other large animal species such as:

      • Equines
      • Sheep
      • Deer 
      • Camelids
      • And similar

      Safety in the captive bolt stunning of livestock

      First and foremost, the Accles and Shelvoke captive stunner range is about safety. FPE ensures that they provide only the highest quality products that suit your needs. 

      In the CASH Special the bolt is ‘captive’ within the barrel of the stunner, rather than a free bullet.

      While this is safer than a traditional gun there are still risks attached. This is why FPE and Accles & Shevolke provide staff training to ensure that the operators have the knowledge and expertise to maximise the effectiveness of the stunner for the welfare of the animal and the safety of the operator.

      Power loads for your CASH Special captive bolt stunner

      Accles & Shevolke are the market leading global supplier of cartridge powered stunning tools and are the best in class with animal welfare stunning. To maintain the quality and safety of your CASH stunning devices it is important to use Accles & Shelvoke power loads, specifically designed to meet industry requirements. 

      The purpose of the cartridges in the CASH stunning tools are: 

      • Maintaining a power load of 1 to 6 grain (up to 700 joules)
      • Encapsulate the energy behind a retained bolt
      • Moving the bolt forward within milliseconds (typically two). This ensures the animal does not feel the pain but is stunned due to the Kinetic energy (KE=.5xmass of bolt x velocity of the bolt squared).

      At FPE, we’re experienced in food processing equipment and meat processing equipment, and work hard to ensure that you get the highest quality products and support. Support from FPE includes routine maintenance, equipment training for the captive bolt stunner and parts supply. Contact us today to find out how we can take your production line to the next level.

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