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      Posted by Marie Ristic on in Meat Processing
      Chicken MDM

      Efficiently Process Chicken MDM With POSS

      POSS Promax Separators can efficiently produce chicken MDM with the highest yields and lowest temperature rise in the industry. 

      Mechanically deboned chicken meat is a versatile ingredient used in a wide variety of recipes, from patties and burgers to sausages and hotdogs. Chicken MDM is created for ready meals, convenience foods, and pet food by poultry processors

      What is chicken MDM?

      Chicken MDM is chicken meat that has been mechanically separated from the bones using a separator machine. It tends to have a high protein and low-fat content, making it popular for health-conscious end consumers. 

      Quick-frozen chicken MDM meat has a lifespan of 12 months if stored in vacuum-sealed bags, and can be used at any time. 

      How is chicken MDM made?

      Chicken meat still attached to the bone is fed into a separator machine, which mechanically separates the meat from unwanted bone, using rotary separation. Chicken carcass pieces are fed into the machine, which feeds the chicken through a rotary separation mechanism and sieve, expelling bone residue and yielding usable ground chicken meat.

      The ProMAX 6000 is part of the POSS protein maximiser series, with an input capacity of up to 5,000kg per hour and will produce yields up to 95% of the available infeed product. 

      Chicken MDM uses and recipes

      With low cost and high yield, chicken MDM meat can be used widely. From snacks to sausages, pasta sauces, hot dogs, patties and burgers, chicken MDM meat can be made to predetermined texture settings to suit the end application. 

      With applications including halal chicken products, ready meals and convenience foods, the uses for chicken MDM are endless. This versatile chicken meat product can be used in dumplings, meatloaf, SPAM or as a high-protein filler for snack items, pasties or pies. 

      Is MDM chicken meat suitable for human consumption?

      MDM chicken meat is safe and suitable for human consumption, and it is a desirable high-protein and affordable meat product. Poultry processors can combine separation with X-ray inspection to ensure the highest quality products, adhering to all food safety requirements. 

      Poultry MDM for pet foods

      Chicken MDM can also be used in pet food manufacturing, with raw input material selected to produce chicken MDM meat with specific fat, protein, ash and calcium content. Premium chicken MDM in particular can be used to effectively reduce calcium levels in pet food. 

      Chicken MDM is often a key nutritional ingredient in wet and dry pet foods.  

      High-performing mechanically deboned meat machines are available from FPE

      As your trusted supplier in Australia and New Zealand, we are committed to matching food processors with equipment that matches their operational needs and requirements. POSS mechanically deboned meat machines are designed to produce a lean output. The unique design ensures a generous machine lifespan, keeping your operation running smoothly for years to come. 

      POSS Separators come in a variety of sizes to meet different operating requirements. Enquire with the expert FPE team to learn more about the POSS protein maximiser range and how it can add value to your poultry processing workflow. 

      Frequently asked questions: 

      What does MDM mean in poultry processing?

      Mechanically deboned meat (MDM) is chicken meat that is separated from the bone to produce a fine meat product, using mechanical force. This force includes rotary separation and pressure through a sieve to remove bone from the end chicken product. 

      What does mechanically separated chicken look like?

      Chicken MDM or mechanically separated chicken is a blend of soft tissue with a paste-like consistency. The texture and form of the output chicken MDM can vary based on the input product and the settings for the separator machine. 

      What is MDM in pet food?

      Mechanically deboned meat (MDM) forms a key nutritional component of pet food. Premium MDM can help to reduce calcium levels. MDM is used by many international pet food brands and requires specialised separating machines. 

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