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    Bratt Pans

    High Volume Bratt Pans

    We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the best bratt pans and cook and chill equipment available. Our large commercial bratt pans are perfect for big operations, with standard sizes of 100 litre and 200 litre working volumes.

    At FPE, we understand that it’s vital your industrial cooking equipment performs every time. That’s why all manufacturers of our cooking range are closely vetted by our team before they make the cut.

    We supply BCH’s heavy-duty manual bratt pans. They’re optimal for warming, braising, boiling, poaching, steaming or stewing a variety of foods. In stainless steel design, they ensure safety and hygiene are never a worry. Using the total absorption cooking methods, these versatile pans are ideal for producing ethnic ready meals such as basmati and pilau rice. They’re also great for making curry sauces.

    The BCH Ltd bratt pans also feature a flat heated base with vertical or sloping front face. This enables all cooked products to be easily discharged into trays. The hinged lids help to retain heat and moisture for perfectly cooked food every time. We also have an exceptional range of cooking kettles available, as well as some of the best food processing chillers from around the world. You can rely on FPE to get you what you need.

    As a leading supplier of bratt pans in Australia, we’re a natural choice for your business. No matter if you have a large or small operation, FPE delivers on quality. We believe in being much more than just a cooking equipment supplier, and this is why we offer comprehensive customer support. We believe everyone deserves to trust the food they eat, and the equipment that it is produced with! Everything we do here at FPE has this belief at its heart. If we sound like the equipment partner for you, contact us today.