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      Bratt Pans

      We’ve searched far and wide to bring you the best bratt pans and cook and chill equipment available. Our large commercial bratt pans are perfect for big operations, with standard sizes of 100 litre and 200 litre working volumes. At FPE, we understand that it’s vital your industrial cooking equipment performs every time. That’s why all manufacturers of our cooking range are closely vetted by our team before they make the cut.

      What is a bratt pan?

      The definition of bratt pan is: a large, flat, rectangular vessel with a jacket on the underside for heating. It’s a machine that facilitates the large-scale and rapid sealing or searing of meat and vegetables, locking in the flavour, colour and texture of the food during cooking – perfect for commercial kitchens.         

      Bratt pan uses

      We supply BCH Ltd’s heavy-duty manual pans, which are optimal for:

      • Warming
      • Shallow frying
      • Stir frying
      • Braising
      • Boiling
      • Steaming
      • Poaching
      • Stewing

      In a stainless steel design, they ensure safety and hygiene are never a worry. They’re also great for making curry sauces, searing steaks, poaching eggs in bulk or braises and stew type products.

      What are the benefits of using a bratt pan

      These pans are the best alternative to using a stove top with pots and pans, as you have the ability to cook larger quantities quicker and with less cleaning of smaller pans. Plus, you gain the ability to set a constant temperature so as not to burn foods if unattended.

      Bratt pan maintenance and care

      To ensure maximum efficiency and to extend the lifetime of your equipment, your company should have a preventative Bratt Pan Maintenance & Care program in place to keep equipment in good working order.

      Tips and tricks to get the most out of your bratt pan

      • With the flat heated base and a vertical or sloping front face, you can easily discharge your products into trays.
      • There’s no tricky handling as it tips both ways – move it forward into high care for product discharge and then backwards into low risk for removal of wash water via a liquid outlet valve.
      • You can have total control with manual stirring. The temperature can be controlled either manually via an isolation valve, or by one of the control options available.
      • These control options are: Automatic temperature and time PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which are controlled with recipe manager

      Bratt pan safety procedures

      Any equipment that involves heating and cooking will come with safety concerns that can be mitigated when managed correctly. This is why we offer training, to ensure correct handling is implemented by the operator, reducing risk of use. Please contact us today to organise a training session.


      What’s the difference between a bratt pan and a tilting pan?

      Industrial bratt pans and tilting pans are actually the same device. If you opt to add the tilting function, they are often called tilting bratt pans. The bratt pan cleaning process is made easier by adding the tilting function, as is pouring out the cooked product from your machine. The BCH Ltd pans also feature a flat heated base with vertical or sloping front face. This enables all cooked products to be easily discharged into trays.

      What are the main differences between an electric bratt pan and a gas bratt pan?

      The difference between the electric and gas pans is simply the source of the heat. At FPE, we do not supply either electric or gas pans – this is because they can develop “hot spots” and produce uneven surface temperatures, which may lead to burning the base of the product being cooked. We supply the BCH range of steam or thermal oil pans, which can reduce this issue, giving you the perfect cook.

      Why is it called a bratt pan?

      This goes back to German origins and the word braten, which means ‘to fry’. It has since evolved into our current terminology.

      How should you clean a bratt pan?

      Depending on products being produced, cleaning could be as little as a hose down and a wipe or manual with appropriate chemical solutions for deeper cleans.

      What training is available for bratt pan operation?

      Due to FPE’s partnership with BCH Ltd, we are able to provide comprehensive support in the form of equipment training, parts supply and maintenance.

      As a leading supplier of bratt pans in Australia, we’re a natural choice for your business. No matter if you have a large or small operation, FPE delivers on quality. We believe in being much more than just a cooking equipment supplier, and this is why we offer comprehensive customer support. We believe everyone deserves to trust the food they eat, and the equipment that it is produced with! Everything we do here at FPE has this belief at its heart. If we sound like the equipment partner for you, or if you’d like our bratt pan specification details, contact us today.