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      Posted by Marie Ristic on in Meat Processing
      Magurit Galan cooked meat slicer machine

      Versatile Cooked Meat Slicer Machines From Magurit

      Magurit Galan meat slicer machines are available from FPE. Growing in popularity globally with meat processing operations, these versatile meat-slicing machines are suitable for processing high volumes of sturdy, stringy or hardy products, as well as soft or fragile meats, with high-quality output

      Magurit Galan machines for slicing meat, fish or poultry

      Magurit Galan meat slicers can process a variety of cooked meats or raw meat in different ways, from slicing and dicing to strips and much more. The video below shows you a live demonstration of the various outputs you can gain from the 920 and 930 cooked meat-slicing machines, both of which are available from FPE.

      Versatile meat slicing to suit your requirements

      The Magurit Galan meat slicers are capable of cutting raw, cooked, marinated, injected or crust frozen meat products, offering unparalleled versatility in your production line. Installing just one machine provides you with the ability to cut in one, two or three dimensions so you can cut slices, cubes or strips with one machine. 

      This meat slicer is ideal for small operations or tight spaces as investing in one piece of machinery provides you with many meat-slicing options.

      Precisely cut a continuous supply of cooked meat products

      The Magurit Galan meat slicer machines can receive a continuous supply of input meat products and can be loaded without interruption, aiding the efficiency of your production line. 

      Meat products are placed manually or automatically onto a product infeed conveyor belt, and transported towards the cutting area. Continuously working scimitar blades perform the first dimension cut to the required size as set. The size of the first cut is determined by the speed of the belts in relation to the rotation speed of the scimitar blades. 

      The conveyor belt and scimitar knives are infinitely speed adjustable, so cutting thickness can be adjusted in moments. Scimitar blades can be set to a cutting thickness of between 3 and 130mm. The knife geometry provides a clean, pulling cut, without squeezing or mechanical stress, giving a high-quality result similar to cutting by hand. 

      For a two-dimensional cut, the meat product then dips into a circular knife set mounted at 90 degrees to the sickle blades. Circular blade sets start with a distance of 5mm between blades. A hold-down conveyor above the infeed conveyor fixes the product position and guarantees an accurate cut, creating a situation where the product can not avoid the knives. Hold-down pressure is pneumatically and infinitely adjustable and will adapt automatically to different product heights with the set pressure.

      Hygiene and maintenance streamlined for operational efficiency

      The surfaces of the Magurit Galan are sloping for quick and easy cleaning, ensuring optimal hygiene. The machine can be opened for cleaning in just a few steps, for easy access to the entire product contact area. This is particularly important in poultry, fish and ready-to-eat industries, as well as for meat processing. 

      Gentle cutting for poultry and fish

      Delicate products like poultry and fish may be effectively cut using the more compact Galan 920 model, using 2mm sickle blades and 1mm circular blades. The texture and consistency of the meat or product remain stable while the products are processed into the required size. 

      Slice and cut high volumes of sturdy or stringy product

      The Galan 930 is designed for processing high volumes of sturdy, stringy or hard products, and it can also handle soft and fragile meats. The belt, scimitar blades and circular blades can be adapted to suit specific production needs. Using thicker blades of up to 4mm scimitar blades and up to 2mm circular blades allows the processing of cold or crust frozen products, and the cutting area of 160mm x 360mm allows all common muscles in meat to be cut. 

      Ask our team how a versatile Magurit Galan meat slicer machine can add efficiency to your operation

      From pulled or shredded meat or poultry products to ready-to-eat and continuous slicing, these meat slicer machines from Magurit can process raw meat, cooked poultry, fish and more. The expert team at FPE can guide you in selecting the best machine ensuring you have the sharpeners, blades and other items that will keep your operating costs lower. Get in touch to learn more about how these German-engineered meat-slicing machines can help you meet quality assurance KPIs

      Frequently asked questions: 

      Can you slice cold meat on a meat slicer?

      Yes, you can slice very cold or even crust frozen meat, poultry or fish products on a Galan meat slicer using a thicker blade set. Cooked meats will generally slice more smoothly and stay more intact when sliced at cool temperatures. 

      What is not recommended when operating a meat slicer?

      Using all safety precautions, such as avoiding hand-feeding or removal of guards, will keep operators and workers safe. Ensure that the slicer is turned off and that all blades have stopped moving completely, before beginning any cleaning or maintenance. 

      What is a meat slicer used for in cooking? 

      A meat slicer, or slicing machine, is used by meat processors, delis and butchers to slice cooked meats, sausages and other processed small goods. The benefit of using a cooked meat slicer machine is that slicing requires less effort when compared to a knife. A meat slicer machine also keeps the texture of the meat intact for a better consumption experience. 

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