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      Posted by Marie Ristic on in Production Efficiency

      Recipe Manager: Recipe Management Software from DC Norris

      We often discuss the different types of industrial cooking equipment and their respective benefits. But for industrial cooking operations, clever software also has an important role to play. Read on to learn all about the benefits of using recipe management software and which system is our most rated.


      What is recipe management?

      Recipe management is the coordination and execution of processes required to produce finished results according to a food company’s specific recipes. Today, recipe management is controlled and automated by specially-designed software. This is called a recipe management system or software

      Why use professional recipe software?

      The main problems that a professional recipe management system helps to solve are:

      • Production downtime 
      • Manual process errors
      • Lack of product consistency

      Industrial recipe management system benefits and features

      managing recipes within DC Norris Recipe Manager

      Here at FPE, we supply the world-leading recipe management system by DC Norris: Recipe Manager. An industrial recipe management system like this one has numerous benefits, including:

      • Flexibility and control of recipe-driven production processes, eliminating manual errors
      • Precision and repeatable cooking and cooling times and temperatures for total product consistency
      • Automatic recording for full audit trail
      • Central recipe “source of truth” that allows for several users to access data at the same time
      • Immediate notification of issues to production team members via email/SMS to reduce downtime 
      • Ensures HACCP compliance

      With a user-friendly touch-screen interface, secure access and step–by–step procedural recipes, the mass-production of food has never been more efficient.

      What can DC Norris Recipe Manager do?

      • Calculation of pasteurisation values for pathogenic microorganisms
      • Automatic control of temperatures, cook times,and motor speeds 
      • Visual display of plant layout and fault notification
      • Recording of all weights, temperatures, sequences, deviations, and errors
      • Stored ingredient lists and cooking kettle yields
      • Creation of batch reports in text and graph formats
      • Automatic batching of piped additions 
      • Bar code identification from preparation through to packaging
      • Real-time display of machine operator HMI screens
      • Data export in most popular formats such as Xls, Pdf, and HTML
      • Inclusion of full-screen high resolution pictures in recipes 
      • Integration with existing ERP/MRP systems
      • Management of all users and ingredients throughout the cooking process
      • Automatic scaling of ingredients for different batch sizes
      • Collation of cooking and cooling data for the same product (on different machines)
      • Allergen control of cooks to enforce CIP cleaning between incompatible recipes
      DC Norris recipe management software batch report

      Watch Recipe Manager in action:

      Now you know why DC Norris’ industrial recipe management software is so popular. If you’d like further details about this or any of their cook-chill equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on AUS 1800 882 549 or NZ 0800 100 003.

      Recipe management software FAQs

      Is Recipe Manager included in my new DC Norris cook-chill system?

      Recipe Manager is an option that can be purchased through FPE to enhance the performance of cook-chill equipment.

      Can Recipe Manager be integrated with my old DC Norris equipment?

      Recipe Manager can be retrofitted to existing DC Norris equipment. You may also need the addition of load cells to be able to monitor ingredient addition with Recipe Manager.

      How do I access data from Recipe Manager?

      Data such as times and temperatures from all cooks/batches are stored on the designated computer that controls Recipe Manager. This data can be retrieved at any time for audit or troubleshooting purposes.

      How does Recipe Manager stop mistakes from being made?

      When a recipe is written in the Recipe Manager, program weights and steps are entered for the operator to follow. If weights are different to what is in the recipe, the operator cannot proceed to the next step without authority from a supervisor or by adding the correct ingredient weight to the recipe.

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