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      Equipment Training

      On-site food processing equipment training

      At FPE, we provide total solutions to the food processing industry, and this includes comprehensive support and equipment training.

      We believe that everyone deserves to trust the food they eat and the equipment it’s produced with. That’s why we offer businesses in the food industry on-site training in how to use their FPE equipment and machinery safely and correctly.

      When you order from FPE, you can be rest assured that part of our process is to fully train your team. We not only instruct your personnel on how to use the equipment safely and securely, but we teach them set up, operational procedures, cleaning practices and give them a 101 breakdown of the equipment. We also offer extra equipment training for new staff after commissioning for an additional fee.

      Our after sales service doesn’t stop there. We also provide preventative food processing maintenance, so whether you’re using one of our tumble chillers or crate washers, you can be confident that our team will keep it in top shape. Need spare parts? Our food processing equipment parts supply service can ensure that what you need is despatched to you the day you need it if ordered by 3pm.

      Plus, with our X-Ray food inspection systems, you have access to our 24-hour support line! Need help or have questions about our equipment training? Contact our friendly team today.