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    Food & Meat Inspection Equipment

    Meat Inspection Equipment Specialists

    As one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading suppliers of food inspection systems and machinery, we offer the most advanced food and meat inspection equipment in the region.

    At FPE, we understand the importance of ensuring all meat and meat products are fit for human consumption – not just meat, but all food. That’s why we strive to source and supply the food industry with the absolute best food and meat inspection technology from around the globe.

    We are proud to supply Eagle’s world-class meat analysis and foreign body detection equipment, which uses cutting edge scientific processes, like chemical lean testing and dual energy X-Ray analysis. These all-in-one quality assurance systems are capable of detecting foreign bodies such as metal, stone, glass, rubber and even bone fragments. As well as being the most advanced X-Ray food inspection systems available, they also perform inline integrity checks like component count, mass measurement and package integrity.

    By sourcing Eagle PI’s food and meat inspection equipment through FPE, you can expect the following benefits:

    • Advanced Inspection Performance
    • Consistency
    • Reliability
    • Reduced Downtime
    • Higher Throughput
    • Superior Product Quality
    • Lower Total Cost Of Ownership
    • Hygienic Design
    • 24 Hour Customer Support
    • Equipment Training
    • Equipment Maintenance & Parts Supply

    At FPE, we have a thorough understanding of food safety and the concerns of food processors. Since it’s so crucial that every precaution is taken while preparing food or handling food, we’re committed to supplying businesses with the latest technology. FPE is your perfect food and meat inspection equipment partner, providing around the clock support to all our X-Ray equipment customers. Browse the range online now or contact us with any questions.