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      Meat Processing Equipment

      Outstanding Meat Processing Equipment

      We understand that each meat processing task is different, and businesses require the right machinery for each step in the production process for optimum efficiency. FPE is proudly one of Australia and New Zealand’s top suppliers of food processing equipment and solutions. As such, we offer an outstanding selection of high quality meat processing equipment.

      As an authorised distributor of Frontmatec Accles & Shelvoke captive bolt stunners and concussion stunners, we supply all their stock, including spare parts and cartridges, throughout Australia and New Zealand. From very small animals to the extremely large, we have the tool to suit. From stunning to processing: we offer top quality automatic derinding and skinning machines from Grasselli, as well as paunch cleaning equipment, dehiders and patty stackers. The latter can handle a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with or without paper interleaving.  

      At FPE, we source the very best processing equipment from around the world, because we believe in helping processors produce quality food in an efficient manner. Our dehairing machines are some of the best available in the region, featuring fully automatic through-feeds suitable for goats, cattle, sheep and pigs. 

      To ensure you have access to the right meat processing equipment, we bring together the expertise of the best suppliers from around the world. This ability to supply both state-of-the-art technology and an extensive range of consumable lines makes us the natural choice for top food manufacturers. 

      FPE is your perfect meat processing equipment partner, offering equipment training, maintenance and comprehensive customer support. Browse the range online now, or contact us with any questions.