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      Reliable, Quality Dehiders

      Heavy-duty dehiders are an essential component of food processing equipment for butchers and meat processors of all types. At FPE, we know you need top quality products so your meat industry business doesn’t lose its edge. That’s why if you want a quality dehider, you can’t go past EFA.

      EFA Germany‘s dehiding knives feature an ergonomic design that make it easy to get a secure grip; these high quality, razor sharp blades will stand the test of time. Everything is considered, from air consumption (a low 7 cfm) to weight (0.75 kg). These dehiders are easy to maintain, versatile and efficient, so you’ll get clean and smooth results every time.

      At FPE, we’ve built a solid reputation for being a leading meat processing equipment supplier in Australia and New Zealand. Our clients return to us every time they need a new hide puller because they know we supply the best, no matter what type of livestock needs to be processed.

      These dehiders can be used on cows, horses, goats and sheep – and even camels. You’ll never have a poor dehider slowing you down when you choose FPE, because we always have your needs front of mind.

      We’re the first choice for many major businesses when it comes to finding the perfect hide pulling knife, because our clients know that we partner with the industry’s best. They also know we believe in being much more than just a supplier. Customer service and support is important to us. We offer equipment training, parts supply and maintenance as standard, to ensure that you always have everything you need to get the job done.

      If you need a new dehider, browse our stock today. We also have automatic skinning machines available, plus an exceptional range of meat cutting equipment from the best manufacturers across the globe. Reach out any time and contact our friendly staff.