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      Patty Stackers

      Efficient & Reliable Patty Stackers

      We’ve worked hard to ensure we have the best food processing equipment available in the world for our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. This includes patty stacker machines.

      RMF’s stainless steel patty stacker takes patties from the freezer belt and automatically places them in stacks. Used by food processors since the late 1970s, their stacker is the ultimate “industry workhorse”. Made from heavy-duty materials and the highest quality parts, this patty stacker is designed for long service.

      Though it’s tough, it’s also fast. Challenge RMF‘s stacking machine can stack patties at a rate of approximately 100 strokes per minute. With or without paper interleaving, this machine will dramatically streamline your operations and reduce labour costs. The custom assembly lets you switch the stacker from one patty to the next within seconds, saving you countless production hours.

      The durable construction of this patty stacker is designed for optimum safety and hygiene, which is essential when you work around food. The automatic stacking processes of this machine are perfect for even the most delicately seasoned mixes of meat, ensuring you get even and perfect stacks each time.

      If you’re in packing and shipping, this can be a game-changer in terms of production. It’s easy to clean and sanitise between uses, and our equipment training ensures your workers are safe and efficient each time they use it. With different speeds available, you can set a comfortable pace for your staff and your production times without an issue. We also have portioning machines available, plus an exceptional range of other meat processing equipment – browse our website for more information.  

      FPE has all the stainless steel equipment you need for perfect food processing. We are a leading supplier of patty stackers in Australia and New Zealand, and one of the top choices for major food businesses throughout the region. At FPE, our staff firmly believe in being much more than a supplier of food processing tools. We want to be there for our customers, and this is why we offer comprehensive support.