What is Eagle Food X-Ray Inspection Equipment?

Eagle designs and manufacturers high-end x-ray inspection equipment for food product manufacturers and retailers. Food and beverage manufacturers worldwide have come to rely on Eagle’s food inspection equipment to protect the welfare of their consumers.

All of Eagle’s food inspection equipment is especially designed to detect physical contaminants within packaged and unpackaged foods. Their high quality control inspection equipment gives food manufacturers and retailers the assurance that Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) principles are met.

These world class food x-ray inspection systems offer a cost-effective means of avoiding customer complaints. So if you’re looking to safeguard your brand, minimise risk, avoid product recalls and meet the HACCP principles, Eagle’s food inspection equipment is exactly what you need.

Their x-ray inspection machines offer safety and quality assurance at every stage of the production process. This allows manufacturers to simultaneously enhance their productivity by inspecting products for a range of quality control checks, including: measuring gross and zoned mass; counting components; identifying missing or broken products; monitoring overall and zoned fill levels for portion control to protect profitability; inspecting seal integrity and checking for damaged products and packaging for complete product integrity.

Eagle’s food inspection equipment offers robust and reliable food inspection services, and are available in a range of different makes, models, and sizes.