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      Posted by Marie Ristic on in Meat Processing
      understanding how to improve meat yield and giveaway

      How to Improve Meat Yield and Giveaway

      At the front of every meat processor’s mind are two questions: how do I increase meat yield, and how do I reduce giveaway? Understanding how to optimise these two KPIs is key to running a successful meat processing business. From our years of experience in the meat industry, we’ve learned a thing or two. So read on to learn how to improve meat yield and giveaway.


      What is giveaway in the food industry?

      Giveaway, also known as overproduction, is a pressing concern for manufacturers in the food industry, especially those that deal with net weight items. Giveaway is the amount of extra product that makes it into each package you produce.

      How do you calculate excess giveaway?

      Anything over and above whatever weight is labelled on your package is giveaway. So if your packaging reads 500g, but your machine packs 525g into a packet, then 25g is your giveaway per pack. If your processing plant produces 1000 packs per hour, then you’re essentially giving away 25kg – that’s 50 whole packs – of product for free.

      What is lean meat giveaway?

      This is a metric only relevant to the meat industry. It occurs when your chemical lean analysis is inaccurate. If your facility produces 500g packs of meat product, but it is made up of more lean meat than fat, you could be experiencing lean meat giveaway – as lean meat is more valuable than fat.

      What is meat yield?

      Meat yield is the amount or proportion of the meat carcass that can be processed and sold. 

      How to improve meat yield and giveaway

      How to improve meat yield: 3 tips

      1. Closely control raw materials

      Good meat yield begins with good raw materials. Every time defective raw materials go into production, losses occur. Not only is it a waste in terms of processing, a lot of time and labour is usually spent identifying the defective product as well. 

      2. Upgrade processing equipment

      Maintaining a line of up-to-date and high-performing food processing equipment minimises downtime, which increases throughput. Time saved by having spare parts on hand can also make a huge difference.

      3. Optimise processing procedures

      Product loss often occurs due to sanitation and spoilage risks during handling, storage and packaging. These can be reduced by tightening up procedures and introducing specialised equipment, such as sanitising conveyors, hygienic entrances, and automatic tempering machines.  

      How to improve giveaway: 3 methods 

      1. A multi-head weigher

      A multi-head weigher ensures 500g of meat is packed into the container every time, which means no giveaway. However, the CL of the meat could still be incorrect, which would result in lean meat giveaway.

      2. Eagle fat analysis machine

      Our top tip for reducing lean meat giveaway is to use a state-of-the-art fat analysis machine from Eagle PI. Based on dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) technology, the system accurately produces chemical lean (CL) values within +/- 1CL. The accuracy of the measurement combined with its superior inspection capabilities provides meat producers with a cost-effective, efficient tool to prevent lean giveaway. 

      3. A Quantum Trim Batcher system

      The Quantum Trim Batcher system, developed by FPE in partnership with Cabinplant (Denmark), is a solution developed specifically for the Australian beef industry. It brings higher levels of automation, increased throughput and CL accuracy to every packed carton or combo of beef trim. With recent labour shortages in the meat processing industry, the need for higher levels of automation and optimisation of value packed product has resulted in the development of this solution. It ensures 500g of meat is packed into the container every time and at the correct CL, so there is no meat giveaway and no lean meat giveaway.

      Our experienced team is able to work with you and show you how to improve both meat yield and giveaway in your processing plant. All of the equipment mentioned in this blog post is available to purchase from FPE in Australia and New Zealand. Contact the team at FPE today on 1800 882 549 (Australia) and 0800 100 003 (New Zealand) to enquire. We also provide comprehensive equipment training and customer support.

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