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      Posted by Jojo Furnival on in Education & Events
      FPE FoodSA Award Winners

      Congratulations to the 2020 Food SA Award Winners!

      On November 13, Food South Australia held their annual food industry awards, and FPE were excited to leave our food processing equipment behind for the night to sponsor and present the Innovation in Food or Beverage Award. 

      These awards, for businesses with up to and more than 15 staff, was our way of acknowledging South Australian businesses that share our commitment and excitement for growth and innovation within the industry. We were thrilled to celebrate the numerous successes of South Australia’s food industry in the last 12 months.

      So, congratulations to the winners of the Innovation in Food or Beverage Award! Read on to see the winners.


      Why we chose to sponsor the Innovation in Food or Beverage Award

      The story of FPE began in 1983, when founder, Brian Carey, had just one product – the Accles and Shelvoke CASH Stun Gun, a tool used to slaughter livestock. In those days, Brian didn’t have the money to fly around Australia, so armed with his vision, he hit the road in his car, driving hundreds and thousands of kilometres every fortnight. After roughly 2 years of hard work and sacrifice, Brian had every abattoir in Australia using the CASH stun guns (now known as the Captive Bolt Stunners).

      It was a tough road that required persistence and passion to guarantee success, so we recognise this tenacity in other businesses when we see it.

      This is why we are so proud to be able to acknowledge those who are driving our beloved industry forward and present the Innovation in Food or Beverage Award winners. We would like to thank the Food South Australia team for a wonderful awards night and give special recognition to our two incredible award winners: LifeStyle Bakery and All The Things Australia

      Winner 1: Lifestyle Bakery

      The winner of the Innovation in Food or Beverage Award, for a business with over 15 staff, was Lifestyle Bakery! Lifestyle Bakery is a proud South Australian business that has been an innovator and market leader in the gluten-free baking category. 

      With thousands of gluten-free products, cookbooks and even apps lining our physical and digital shelves, it’s easy to forget that eating gluten-free wasn’t always so simple. Twenty years ago, when Lifestyle’s first ever loaf of bread was baked, it was quite a different story.  

      More than just baking, Lifestyle Bakery has been a pioneer in an industry to help many with restrictions experience what so many take for granted.

      With two decades of innovation under their belt, they’ve proven themselves to be the leaders in their field, constantly pushing the industry forward. Congratulations to the team at Lifestyle Bakery, you have truly earned it!

      Winner 2: All The Things Australia 

      All The Things Australia has been named as the winner of the Innovation in Food or Beverage Award for a business with under 15 staff. It was impossible not to recognise the efforts behind their delicious range of plant-based gourmet cheeses and ice cream. All The Things Australia has made a line of food that gets people excited to eat their non-dairy products because they’re truly delicious while also being 100% plant-based and organic.

      It’s a huge achievement to develop a line of food that is not only eco-friendly but also gets foodies excited. All The Things are leaders in sustainability, recycling all paper, glass and soft plastics throughout the production process, showing it is possible to do it all. We are so pleased to present them as recipients of this Innovation in Food or Beverage Award.

      Well done to all who have made the food processing industry so remarkable in 2020

      2020 has been a wild ride! There’s no question our industry has experienced some massive swings this year, with the shutdown of catering, pubs and restaurants and the unprecedented demand for food delivery services.  Still, the attitude remains, “it’s good to be in food”. 

      We can’t wait for an even more successful 2021.

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