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      Posted by Bronwyn Foster-Jones on in Education & Events
      Manufacturing grants Australia

      Applying for a Manufacturing Grant – Australia

      When applying for a manufacturing grant, Australia currently has a wide range of options that will allow you to grow your business. At FPE, we understand that success for our customers is more than just using the food processing equipment we provide.  We want to ensure everyone has access to the grants and funding that can positively impact their business. So we’ve collated all you need to know about what grants and resources are available right now to the food industry.


      Where to find the current manufacturing grants Australia has to offer?

      When looking at what manufacturing grants Australia has on offer at the moment, there are a wide range of paths to follow; both government and private entities are working to ensure the growth of our industry.  However, these grants are often limited by time so it’s important to stay up to date on what is on offer and when the closing dates are.

      Grants will also vary depending on:

      • your needs;
      • whether you’re a small to medium sized business;
      • if you’re invested in clean energy;
      • and even things like your global competitiveness.

      Sites that keep an up to date list of current grants are:

      Manufacturing grants Australia – Federal and State grants

      Grant programmes are available from a variety of state and federal authorities. Most of these grants are only accessible for a limited period, and each one has its own set of guidelines and criteria for determining which candidates will be chosen. A variety of local and federal government services and websites are dedicated to providing comprehensive lists that may be of benefit when looking for a grant for your business.

      State grants available:

      4 federal grants available:

      1. GrantConnect

      This is the Federal Government’s portal to check on current and forecast grant opportunities. 

      2. AusIndustry 

      This site also collates information about federal, state and local government funding. 

      3. Manufacturing Modernisation Fund

      The Manufacturing Modernisation Fund is the first of several significant initiatives announced as part of the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy, which intends to assist Australian firms in scaling up, competing internationally, and creating jobs.

      4. Export Market Development Grants 

      The Export Market Development Grants reimburse expenses incurred for export promotional activities to existing and potential Australian exporters. If you engage in any of the following you may be eligible for this grant: 

      • Overseas representation 
      • Marketing consultantS
      • Provision of free samples
      • Trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotions
      • Promotional literature and advertising
      • Engaging overseas buyers
      • Registration and/or insurance of eligible intellectual property

      Private grants available:

      Manufacturing grants Australia – food industry specific

      When seeking a grant you may feel that a food industry grant is what will best set you up for success. Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the food industry grants on offer throughout the year.

      The Farmers2Founders program has been created to assist producers with building skills and knowledge around technology and entrepreneurship. 

      The AGTech adoption rebate offers rebates of up to $10,000 to support uptake of AgTech.

      This fund provides financial support to successful applicants seeking to further their skills and knowledge through training and education in the food and beverage industry.

      What is the easiest grant to get?

      There is no single answer to this. depending on your business and your business needs, there will be a range of grants that are best suited and therefore more attainable. To gauge what grant may be the easiest to obtain, it’s best to have a clear understanding of your goals and to be well prepared.

      How to best prepare for a manufacturing grant in Australia

      When applying for a manufacturing grant, Australia has a wide range of resources that can assist you in getting your ducks in a row. 

      We spoke to Robert Lloyd from the entrepreneurs programme who said: “It is in the best interest of the Business to have an idea of what they want funding for and a Business plan ready to go so if a grant becomes available, they are in a better position to act quickly to submit. 

      Once they are registered, it should become a habit to check the sites for updates weekly as there are no set dates these grants become available and not to rely on being registered to receive the information.”

      At FPE, we’re not just suppliers of food processing equipment, we are advocates for our industry and want to see our customers succeed. This is why we offer things like a free business assessment to our large-scale customers, equipment training, and have collaborated with Visual Workplace Australia to provide access to their Training Within Industry (TWI) programs. While also providing all the resources you need for food processing maintenance, we ensure that all of our clients are set up for success. Contact us today to learn how FPE can help your business. 

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