Why Should I Use Food X-Ray Inspection Technology?

Heavy investment in research and development has allowed Eagle to create a wide and innovative range of x-ray inspection solutions that have eclipsed all previous food inspection technologies.

As technology advances, x-ray inspection machines are becoming increasingly popular. But what is it that makes x-ray inspection equipment superior to metal detection?

Here are 7 key reasons why you should choose food x-ray inspection technology over metal detection:

  1. X-ray is able to detect contaminants by “seeing through” metalised film or foil packages
  2. X-ray machines can detect small pieces of many types of metal; and other foreign object types
  3. X-ray allows you to set up/test new products in minutes utilising an intuitive, graphical interface
  4. The new generation of Eagle x-ray inspection technology provides detailed production statistics
  5. X-ray systems are as safe to use as metal detectors
  6. X-ray systems have come down in price over the past 5 years and are now competitively priced against metal detectors
  7. With x-ray technology there’s no need to worry about metal-free zones, ground loops, vibration or strange electromagnetic interference effects