X-Ray Inspection: So Much More Than Just Foreign Body Detection!

For the greater part of three decades, food and pharmaceutical companies have used X-ray technology to detect foreign bodies in their products. An important part of the quality control process, detecting foreign bodies in ready-to-sell products is vital when it comes to protecting your brand’s reputation.

However, as Eagle outlines in its white paper, X-Ray Inspection: More Than Just Foreign Body Detection, X-ray inspection technology can be used to solve a range of product safety and quality control issues, not just foreign body detection. As Eagle states in its white paper, “X-ray inspection equipment gives manufacturers the tools to maintain quality control and product integrity at every stage of production for raw, bulk, pumped, and packaged products.”

In a single inspection, X-ray systems do so much more than simply detect foreign bodies. Let’s take a look at a few of the other quality control issues X-ray technology can help you keep an eye on.


Checking that a product looks like it should

One of the myriad of quality issues that X-ray inspection can help manufacturers mitigate against is checking that a product looks exactly as a customer expects it should. This is vitally important, as consumers expect products to look exactly as promised.

Measuring mass and monitoring fill in levels

Maintaining the correct mass and fill levels of a product is vital for food and pharmaceutical manufacturers. X-ray inspection allows manufacturers to detect over fills, which can reduce production costs and uncovering instances of under fill, which can greatly disappoint consumers.

Count components

X-ray systems are specially designed to look inside sealed packages, and one of the ways that food and pharmaceutical manufacturers are using this technology is to count components. For manufacturers who produce products with multiple components this is incredibly valuable.

Identify faulty products

Especially important if you manufacture delicate or fragile products, X-ray inspection technology also allows you to detect crushed, missing or broken elements within a sealed package.

Inspect seal quality

The integrity of airtight seals is a major quality control issue for manufacturers of food and pharmaceuticals. The sterility of pharmaceutical products and the freshness of food products are highly dependent on the integrity of the seal. Eagle’s seal inspection X-ray tool can identify particles as small as 1mm caught in the seal areas.

Spot missing promotional giveaways

If you run competitions or promotional giveaways that involve concealing prize elements within a product’s packaging, they have to be there. It is key to maintaining the integrity of your brand that you always keep your word and ensure that all advertised products contain the promotional giveaway components that you’re promising. Using X-ray inspection technology is the most reliable and efficient way to spot missing promotional products and giveaways.

Check out Eagle’s full white paper here and discover all the product safety and brand quality benefits of using Eagle X-Ray Inspection Equipment today.