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      Posted by Bronwyn Foster-Jones on in News

      NEWS: NoahFace Thermal Screening Kiosk Now Available!

      2020 has changed many things and in the food processing industry it has highlighted just how important our duty-of-care is to staff and customers. Ensuring your business is compliant with everything COVID-19 is more than just cleaning, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the additional man-hours and expenses. You must consider everything from hygienic entrances to visitor logs, which is why we’re excited to have partnered with NoahFace and their Thermal Screening Kiosk! 

      This incredible piece of equipment allows you to implement temperature screening upon arrival, track the time & attendance of all staff and visitors, and automatically logs all visitors. Keep reading to find out all about it.


      Why is FPE collaborating with NoahFace? 

      NoahFace is a state-of-the-art software solution that tests the user’s temperature and authenticates their identity at the door, all within seconds, using world-leading facial recognition technology. This cutting-edge technology is a game-changer for the security and compliance needs that have come into place in 2020. At FPE, we want to ensure that all of our clients have access to all technology and innovations that will future-proof their business, and NoahFace’s Thermal Screening Kiosk can do exactly that.

      How does the thermal screening work?

      Using NoahFace’s thermal screening function for your workplace is easy. When a member of staff approaches your doors, or the clocking station their temperature is automatically checked. If their temperature is within the acceptable range, the doors will open or clocking event logged. If not, the action is denied. From here, you have a marker of their identity should you need it for tracing purposes and you can make safety-conscious decisions without worrying about contact points.

      Features and benefits

      NoahFace’s Thermal Screening Kiosk features a highly accurate nano-optical sensor for superior quality. But what can you do with that?

      • Manage access control requirements

      The Noahface kiosk includes easily configured rules, as well as options – such as fully customisable compliance questions, eg. COVID-related, safety confirmations, or license expiries. So you know someone meets all the requirements before setting foot through your doors.

      • Time & attendance solutions

      The kiosk works seamlessly with most payroll systems and enables businesses to avoid ‘buddy punching’ (clocking in on behalf of another employee), which saves your business real money. It accurately logs and stores employee attendance times in accordance with workplace compliance requirements, is easily configured, and can trigger alerts, so that you can better manage your workplace.

      • Visitor registration

      The Thermal Screening Kiosk is a world-first in that it is a completely integrated touch-free solution with facial recognition and thermal screening for returning visitors. This makes the kiosk perfect for COVID-19 compliance. 

      How can you use NoahFace in your business?

      The NoahFace Thermal Screening Kiosk is perfect for COVID temperature checks, but it can help your business with so much more than that. You can also:

      • Track hourly paid staff – accurately pay your staff for exactly the hours they work.
      • Comply with the Fairwork Commissions’ record-keeping requirements for salaried staff.
      • Accurately track your job costing and achieve complete traceability over which staff worked on each job.

      “Our high-value storeroom door gets used 60,000 times per year. With NoahFace’s lightning fast solution, we save 100 staff hours per annum at that one door alone. NoahFace has transformed our efficiency, enhanced our security – and as it is touchless, made our store a safer working environment. It has truly been a case of set and forget.” 


      Every NoahFace door improves safety and cost requirements for your organisation, with touchless and safe temperature checking, access control, and time & attendance tracking. You can say goodbye to the management and costs of security cards and key fobs, and the risks of thumb readers, while enhancing security and reducing touchpoints. 

      FPE helps you with all your hygienic needs like industrial cleaning equipment, hand hygiene systems and sanitiser dispensers. But this new collaboration with NoahFace will mean our customers can become truly COVID-safe, from entry to exit. 

      If you are curious to know more or would like to register your interest, contact the team at NoahFace today. Like what you read? You can also check out the rest of our Resources section for articles on our favourite roast pork with crackling recipe, the best Australia Day pavlova recipe and the perfect combination of meat processing plant equipment.

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