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      Posted by Caitlin Whan on in Food Processing Technology
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      How to Optimise Your Chicken Processing Line

      Within Australia, the majority of the poultry industry is vertically integrated. As such, individual companies are responsible for almost every aspect of the production of chicken – from parent breeding farms and hatcheries, to processing plants and rearing farms. This means every single part of your business needs to be optimised and streamlined – including your chicken processing line. As a long-term supplier of poultry processing equipment, FPE is here to show you how.


      Chicken processing in Australia & NZ

      In Australia, it’s no secret that we love our chicken. In fact, Australians are among the highest consumers of chicken meat on a per capita basis. As of 2022, the chicken processing industry has a revenue of $8.4bn, with over 1300 tonnes of chicken meat produced in 2022 alone. Plus, as public awareness of the fat content of different meats grows, and consumers opt for chicken over red meat for its cardiovascular health benefits, there’s no sign these figures will slow down any time soon.

      With an ever-growing demand for high-quality chicken, it’s easy to see why having a streamlined and optimised chicken processing line is essential.

      Optimise your chicken processing line with state-of-the-art equipment

      While the needs and outputs of chicken processing plants may vary, optimising your chicken processing line is the best way to ensure maximum efficiency and throughput. How is this done? With the right poultry processing machinery.

      Chicken stunner

      Humane stunning is an essential first part of your chicken processing line. For this, FPE recommends the Accles and Shelvoke range of captive bolt stunners. In particular, the CASH Small Animal Tool. Ideal for small animals like poultry, the CASH Small Animal Tool is lightweight, easy-to-use and results in complete collapse and lack of rhythmic breathing.

      Bettcher trimmer

      Next up is Bettcher Industries’ range of trimmers. Designed to increase product yields and worker productivity, and improve product appearance, these trimmers can be used for thigh deboning, defatting and trimming, as well as whole leg deboning.

      Bettcher also offers high-quality, ergonomic shears that can be used for venting, removing necks, removing/splitting gizzards, and segmenting wings.

      Grasselli chicken slicer

      Every poultry processing plant needs Grasselli’s range of industrial meat slicers – specifically their KSL, NSA XC and OSL systems. Able to slice poultry quickly, easily and at high volumes, these slicers offer a huge range of options for thicknesses and cuts.

      • KSL: Designed for fresh boneless pieces of meat, the KSL is a horizontal slicer. It offers:
        • Perfectly parallel slices
        • Adjustable cutting parameters
      • NSA XC: The NSA XC is a vertical slicer, used for two-dimensional cutting of fresh meats. It offers:
        • High yields and extreme cutting precision
        • Two-dimensional cutting that is great for producing even and irregular cuts in slices and cubes
        • Quick blade changing system
      • OSL: As a vertical slicer, the OSL System gives you perfect on-weight portions and accurate thicknesses. It also offers:
        • High yield portion slicing
        • Extreme precision
        • Easy mechanical adjustments
        • Automated updates for maintenance

      Magurit cutters & dicers

      Whether your poultry processing plant deals with fresh or frozen chicken (or both), you can’t go past Magurit’s cutting and dicing machines. Guaranteeing exceptional quality and consistency in each batch, their industrial meat cutting equipment offers neat and clean cuts every time. This ensures consistency as well as reducing wastage.

      Eagle X-Ray equipment

      With Eagle PI’s innovative and world-class X-Ray food inspection systems, foreign body contamination is a thing of the past. As a pioneer in meat and poultry inspection, Eagle PI can help you attain superior product safety and assured quality. From raw chicken breasts to tenderloins and other cuts, their X-Ray systems can be installed at any critical control point in your production line to detect small bone and metal contaminants with a lower false reject rate.

      Learn more in the video below:

      Need help optimising your chicken processing line?

      At FPE, we’re committed to delivering the best possible equipment and machinery to our clients in Australia and New Zealand. That’s why we partner with brands like Grasselli, Eagle and Magurit. If you have any questions about how to streamline your processing line, please get in touch with our team.

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