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FPE’s Product Range — Consumables

Our equipment expertise is also complemented by our wide range of consumable items. At FPE we maintain high stock levels at all times, so we can guarantee supply on the day of your order. Here is an overview of our consumables product range.
Beechwood SkewersbeechwoodWe supply high quality beechwood skewers suitable for use in automated skewering machines and safe for all direct food contact applications.
Dehairing Paddles dehairing paddles Our dehairing paddles are of the highest quality rubber & fabric compound. Industry-known for dependability, our proprietary rubber formulation gives our paddles superior flexibility, long service life & excellent results in dehairing machines.
Derinder & Skinner Blades derinder blades We can supply derinder & skinner blades to suit all types of machines. We have the capability to prepare ‘cut to size’ blades allowing us to meet your exact requirements.
Eurobin Plastic Covers Eurobintotegardcoverredlarge Syspal’s disposable plastic eurobin covers are ideal for use within food production and processing, in-house transfer, chill room storage and raw ingredients. Available in red, blue, yellow and green, products can be easily identified using the different colours.
Eurobin Cover Dispenser & Stand 513-036001_Eurobin_Cover_Rack_in_use.jpg Syspal’s mobile eurobin cover dispenser and combined stand unit is ideal for storage of 4 rolls of eurobin covers. Available with and without dispenser.
Eurobin Stainless Steel Extension Handle Eurobinhandlelarge The eurobin stainless steel extension handle is an ergonomic, retro fit pushing handle optional to all eurobin sizes. It slips over the existing handle to raise the working height.
Handsaw & Bandsaw Blades handsaw blades We supply handsaw & bandsaw blades with state-of-the-art teeth grinding, setting & hardening technology. We are industry leaders in quality blades for all types of meat & fish.
Meat Wrap Netting Meat Wrap Netting Our meat wrap netting is manufactured in Australia to the highest standard. Made under the food industry’s strictest hygiene requirements, netting is available in various colours & sizes.
Polishing Whips Polishing Whips Pig polishing whips for modern pig processing lines. Made from a high quality material & available in various colours (brown & natural) & shaft sizes, our polishing whips will outperform lesser quality polishing whips.
Vacuum Pouches Vacuum Pouches Various sized pouches for vacuum packaging of perishable food. With a 9 layer coextruded barrier & all resins in the manufacture meeting US FDA regulations, our pouches are safe for direct food contact applications.