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FPE's Product Range — Primary Processing

Our product range is constantly growing as we strive to provide innovative products to meet our customers’ needs. Here is an overview of our primary processing product range.
Stunning Equipment accles & shelvoke accles & shelvoke
Circular Bone & Fat Trimming Equipment Betcher Industries Betcher Industries
Harvesting & Pasteurising Equipment Birko - Chad Birko - Chad
Dehiders EFA EFA
Industrial Hygiene & Cleaning Systems Elpress Elpress
Skinning & Derinding Equipment Grasselli-RST520M-Membrane-Skinner Grasselli
Tripe Processing & Dehairing Equipment MCM MCM
Separating Equipment SEPAmatic SEPAmatic
Mechanical Handling & Processing Equipment 600-ht2-Eurobin-Tipper-tipping-view syspal