Food Quality Inspection

Eagle’s range of x-ray product inspection equipment provides safety and quality assurance at every stage of the food production process.

These highly sophisticated x-ray inspection machines provide accurate, efficient foreign body detection across a variety of food manufacturing applications including bulk, packaged and unpackaged foods. However, as well as providing exceptional food quality inspection services, Eagle’s x-ray inspection systems are capable of so much more.

Eagle’s machines are full-scale multi-tasking quality assurance systems, capable of helping manufacturers improve their production efficiency by simultaneously performing the following quality control checks:

  • Fill level inspection
  • Mass measurement
  • Seal inspection
  • Component counts

When it comes to food quality assurance you can’t go past Eagle’s food quality inspection systems. Don’t let faulty products slip through the net, Eagle x-ray systems can help protect your reputation by ensuring that you avoid product recalls by guaranteeing that all your products are carefully vetted before hitting the shelves.