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      Accles and Shelvoke

      At FPE, we believe in partnering with only the industry’s best food processing equipment manufacturers, one of which is Accles & Shelvoke.

      We’re proud to bring our clients precision engineered captive bolt stunners, produced by Accles and Shelvoke. Their high quality and durable safety tools are used worldwide in large and small meat plants. The Accles and Shelvoke CASH range of captive bolt stunners are safe and humane stunning tools. Their captive bolt stunning equipment can be used on large and small animals – it’s just a matter of finding the right product. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions; we’re happy to help.

      For anyone practising butchery and/or cattle husbandry, the CASH Cowpuncher is a must-have item of food processing equipment. These cartridge powered durable safety tools dispatch your animals quickly and humanely, so your animals and your workers experience minimal stress.

      Captive bolt stunning is the preferred dispatch method in slaughterhouse operations because the animal doesn’t suffer. With the Accles & Shelvoke CASH range of captive bolt equipment, you’ll never worry about misfires, jams or other issues.

      Our range of meat processing equipment and supplies includes a host of captive bolt guns, from the Cowpuncher to the Magnum and Special ranges, and even the Small Animal Tool. We supply tailor-made accessories for the Cash range and many more tools to help to achieve effective and compliant slaughterhouse operations.

      You’ll be able to find all of your meat processing equipment at FPE. We stock the best equipment, not only from Accles & Shelvoke but many more manufacturers too. Customers can contact us whenever they need to for advice and support. Our parts supply service, routine maintenance and equipment training set us apart from the competition.

      FPE are also the exclusive and authorised distributor of Eley powerloads in Australia and New Zealand.

      Accles & Shelvoke spare parts

      When you purchase any of the CASH range from FPE – you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your equipment. Click the link below to see the spare parts we can supply.