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      Food Processing Equipment

      Specialists in Food Processing Equipment

      As one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading suppliers of food processing equipment and solutions, we offer an extensive range of machines from the world’s best processing equipment manufacturers. Our lines include Bettcher, Magurit, Eagle, Grasselli and many more.

      At FPE, we understand the needs and concerns of all types of food processors, but we specialise in meat processing equipment. Our ability to source the very best processing machines from around the world makes us the preferred choice for many Australian and New Zealand food processors. We provide total solutions to the meat processing industry, from slaughterhouse tools like captive bolt stunners to skinners and meat cutting machines like dicers and slicers.

      Over the years, we have evolved and diversified to provide solutions for all types of food processors. We now cater for industrial kitchens and production lines producing a range of different products, batch sizes and conducting various processes. From traditional butchery tools to contemporary food processing machines like pneumatic can openers, we’ve got you covered.

      With a thorough appreciation of the fact that each food processing task is different, and that businesses require the right tool or machine for each step in the production process for optimum efficiency, we aim to supply the widest range of industrial and commercial food processing machinery in Australia and New Zealand. If there is anything you need, contact us and we’ll find it for you.

      To ensure you have access to the right processing equipment, we bring together the expertise of the best meat and food processing equipment suppliers from across the globe. This ability to supply both state-of-the-art technology and an extensive range of consumable lines makes us the natural choice for top food manufacturers.

      FPE is your perfect food processing equipment partner. Contact us about the extensive support we provide, including parts supply, equipment training and maintenance.


      What is food processing?

      Food processing is the transformation of agricultural products into food, or changing the form of one food into another. Food processing covers a range of activities, from the primary processing of meat, seafood and poultry (things like slaughtering, dehairing and deboning), to secondary processing tasks (including tempering, cooking and cooling).

      Why is equipment important in food processing?

      Machinery and suitable equipment is essential within the food processing industry for a number of reasons:

      • They increase plant efficiency and product yield 
      • They reduce the risk of injuries and improve worker safety
      • They can easily be cleaned and sanitised to ensure the health and safety of your customers
      • They reduce the risk of human error
      • They ensure precision and consistency

      What are some examples of processing equipment?

      There are numerous types of food processing equipment, such as:

      • Meat processing machines (skinning, paunch cleaning, dehiders, etc.)
      • Meat cutting equipment (dicers, slicers, breaking saws, whizard trimmers)
      • Tempering machines (for thawing product)
      • Industrial can openers
      • Hard and soft separators
      • Food extrusion machines