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      We’ve built partnerships with some of the best food processing equipment manufacturers in the world. This allows us at FPE to offer a broad range of food manufacturing equipment to customers in Australia and New Zealand. One of our standout machine manufacturers is SYSPAL.

      SYSPAL’s mechanical handling equipment comes made out of durable stainless steel to ensure longevity and increased productivity. Customers use the SYSPAL sanitising conveyor to prevent cross-contamination and exceed hygiene standards, while the Eurobin wash frame makes light work of any Eurobin cleaning task.

      For bulk handling and sorting products, Eurobin equipment from SYSPAL takes the majority of the manual handling process away. The Eurobin tumbler mixers offer a convenient alternative to paddle mixing machines. They ensure you get an even coating on each batch of meat or food you put into it for precision consistency and a great-tasting product. They also reduce damage to more fragile or delicate products, effectively reducing the amount of wasted product per batch. Whether you want to mix, sanitise, lift or tip, SYSPAL has the equipment to do it.

      The SYSPAL rotary turntable and conveyor systems will keep your material handling processes fast and efficient. You can use them for both perishable products and packaging lines to increase your production while cutting your worker cost. Additionally, SYSPAL’s state-of-the-art technology ensures you get exact control over every aspect of the operation. Each piece of equipment comes with a user-friendly design and interface.

      We’re an industry-leading supplier of SYSPAL equipment throughout the region, and we take great pride in going above and beyond for our clients. Clients get the support when they need it, including maintenance, SYSPAL parts supply and equipment training as well! This is what sets FPE apart from any of our competition.

      Please be aware: whilst FPE ensures the Syspal weigh scales are mechanically sound and are reading weight correctly, it is the customer’s responsibility to have the scales calibrated ready for use on site. Please note that the calibration instructions are included with the instruction manual and packed in with the machine.

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