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      BCH Ltd

      At FPE, we strive to bring our customers in the Australian and New Zealand food industries the best food processing machines available. This is why we’re proud to partner with confectionery & food processing equipment manufacturer BCH Ltd.

      BCH Ltd manufactures durable and reliable industrial food cooking systems to create both large or small batches of food before portioning, sealing and shipping out. Whether you need atmospheric cooking kettles, pressure cookers with direct steam injection, vacuum cookers, their smaller kitchen-sized Orbiter steam jacketed mixing kettles or just simple bratt pans, FPE can help with the specification & supply of the whole range of BCH stainless steel industrial cooking equipment. If you need to blend smooth sauces, dips & emulsions then the versatile BCH Optima (an industrial scale blender) gives you precision control. It’s ideal for creating everything from sauces to fruit fillings, pates and confectionery.

      If cooling is required for your products before packing, then BCH’s innovative vacuum food processing chillers are also an option. These vacuum chilling systems are suitable for sauces, soups, casseroles, and are amongst the fastest and most energy-efficient food/sauce cooling systems available on the market today. There are also several alternative options to suit your cooling need as well; using pouch filling & cooling with the BCH RotaChill machine or jacket cooling using either batch vessels or a continuous scraped surface heat exchanger. Their range of cooling equipment ensures that nutrients are locked into the food immediately after cooking, giving FPE’s customers a high level of food safety as well as the opportunity to provide top-quality food product every time they ship.

      BCH can also provide an all-in-one cook & vacuum cool solution, ideal for batch production of products such as basmati, pilau or other flavoured, delicate rice & noodles. This reduces product handling time, increases productivity, and delivers a high quality finished product.

      On the confectionery side of the business, BCH Ltd are recognised world-leaders in the supply of food extrusion & forming equipment for the confectionery industry, suitable for production of candy, liquorice and healthy 100% extruded fruit (with no added sugar). These systems are specially designed to boost productivity, streamline your processes, and improve overall quality. BCH also provides caramel, syrup, fondant & fruit cooking systems suitable for a vast array of confectionery products.

      FPE’s exciting partnership with BCH Ltd gives us access to a comprehensive range of food & confectionery process equipment. But we go a step further. We believe in being more than a food processing equipment supplier. This is why customers get comprehensive support in the form of equipment training, parts supply and maintenance. This is what makes FPE stand out from our competition.