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      Portioning Machines

      High Quality Portioning Machines

      At FPE, we’ve searched far and wide to bring the very best portioning machines for the Australia and New Zealand food industries. This particular line of food processing equipment comes primarily from Grasselli.

      We’re proud of our reputation as leading meat processing equipment suppliers. This is why we chose to work with Grasselli. Their meat portioning machine gives precise portions at high production volumes. It allows for streamlined production processes that reduce the need for manpower while delivering products that are ready to pack into trays.

      This portioning machine gives you precision size and weight across all cuts of meat, which ensures consistency from one package to the next. If you need to, you can program this meat portioning machine to vary the weight of the slices while working on the same piece of meat. You can also load two pieces of meat at once, letting the food processing machine give you neatly portioned products in half the time.

      Streamline your operations with a Grasselli portioning machine; portion up to 10,500 slices per hour. Extreme weight accuracy coupled with a +/- 2 gr. between slices tolerance ensures clients can run this machine with confidence.

      The touch screen gives you touch diagnostic capabilities that keeps the machine up and running, and there is no pre-preparation required to use it. The design allows every aspect to be accessible and open, which ensures you’re able to clean every part of the machine quickly and easily. The stainless steel design, coupled with the open access, makes this machine very easy to operate, clean and maintain.

      We’re a leading supplier of Grasselli’s portioning machines and slice cutting machines in Australia and New Zealand. Along with our range of high-quality equipment, we’re proud to offer comprehensive support to our clients. This support includes maintenance, equipment training and parts supply. Allow us to show you the FPE difference today and check out our equipment online.