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      Mepaco, a part of the larger Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation, is a brand that specialises in providing blending and grinding equipment to the nation’s essential food producers. Their food processing equipment and systems are customised to specific applications and support the industry with engineering, controls, parts, service and transportation.

      Mepaco have a long history dating back to 1932, and today, are well-known for their mixer-blenders and grinding systems. What sets Mepaco apart is their ability to customise equipment to perfectly suit the specific requirements of each customer.

      In 1993, Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation acquired Mepaco, and this has been a beneficial partnership. As part of Apache, Mepaco have been able to leverage their expertise in working with stainless steel and tap into the resources of a large commercial manufacturer.

      Apache has several product groups, and Mepaco is one of them. Together with the other groups, they work on creating stainless ASME tanks, small vessels, contract manufacturing and Mepaco.

      Mepaco’s equipment and system solutions uphold:

      • A focus on overall equipment effectiveness and reliability
      • Increased yield performances
      • Optimal designs for maintenance and operation
      • Certified Solids Work 3D engineering team
      • ASME certified welders
      • Single source manufacturing capabilities
      • The highest sanitary equipment finishes available
      • Vigilant compliance of food safety criteria

      Reliability is at the heart of everything they do. Mepaco strives to exceed expectations in all aspects, from production to quality, safety, and overall value. Their ultimate goal is to ensure all customers experience the reliability of their innovative products and services.

      Mepaco takes great pride in being a 100% employee-owned company. This means every team member has a personal investment in the company’s success, motivating them to deliver the best solutions to their customers.

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