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      RA Jones

      We’ve searched all over the world to bring our clients the best equipment for the food industries in Australia and New Zealand. This includes our range of packaging machines, which primarily come from RA Jones.

      RA Jones is a reputable food packaging equipment manufacturer that has a range of chub packaging machines suitable for both large and small operations. You’ll get between 40 and 160 ppm outputs with these machines to speed up your production processes without the need to hire more staff.

      Stainless steel design, coupled with a user-friendly interface gives you powerful equipment that can streamline your operations and boost your production time. Additionally, R.A Jones brings you equipment that ensures you’ll get a consistent and uniform product each time.

      RA Jones’ innovative packaging machinery works seamlessly on viscous products, chemical emulsions, resin bolt packages, wash down food applications, and smoking operations. These form, fill and seal chub machines are available in Australia and New Zealand from FPE. The entire line of RA Jones’ equipment is easy to clean between product batches to prevent cross-contamination.

      These machines actually form the clips from spooled wire, which is around 4x cheaper than using pre-formed clips. When you combine this with the easy adjustment process, sequenced starting and shutting down, and quick changeover, you get machines that will protect and improve your bottom line.

      At FPE, we supply equipment from RA Jones because we believe in offering quality for our customers. We take pride in exceeding expectations, and this is why we offer around-the-clock support, equipment training, maintenance and parts supply. Contact us today for more information.

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