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      Pump Fill Stations

      Rapid & Efficient Pump Fill Stations

      For food manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand seeking a Pump Fill Station, we’ve got some excellent options available for you.

      The first one to mention is made by DC Norris and is part of their Cook Chill System. A standalone unit, it’s ideal for the batching of food products into pouches ready to be cooked or chilled. It’s designed to be used with Tumble Chillers and has maximum flow control. With a 25 minute package time for a 1000 litre kettle, this Pump Fill Station is quick and precise and constructed completely in stainless steel. There is also a model available with a certa pump, which is suitable for thick products such as mashed potato and porridge.

      BCH Ltd offers a mobile, pneumatically operated, volumetric filler suitable for filling plastic casings with hot sauce. Of stainless steel construction, it’s a hygienic machine design and capable of emptying the contents of a 1000kg kettle within approximately 25 minutes.

      For all your food processing chiller needs, look no further than FPE. We can support food manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand with all your equipment requirements. Much more than just a distributor, we’re proud to offer our customers around the clock support. From initial on-site equipment training, to maintenance and parts supply, we’ve got you covered.

      We’re only ever a phone call away if you have any questions. So if you’re having a problem with your Pump Fill Station or any other part of your production line, share it with us and we promise to help you solve it. That’s the FPE difference.