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      Industrial Blenders

      Industrial Blenders From BCH

      At FPE, we make it our business to bring the best food and meat processing equipment the world has to offer to the food industry in Australia and New Zealand. This includes our industrial blenders, manufactured in the UK by BCH.

      BCH’s industrial blending equipment is ideal for a variety of food businesses of all types. Their heavy-duty industrial blender is an all-in-one system, capable of mixing the perfect ratios of a range of food products. From confectionary, dips and processed cheese, to spreads, sauces and patés, the BCH Ltd Optima food processor does it all.

      This industrial grade blender is made of stainless steel for optimum hygiene and features steel blades. It offers an impressive array of processing options, from pressure cooking and vacuum cooking, to dissolving, emulsifying, cutting and even pasteurisation. You can also customise your blending with both high and low speeds.

      Featuring intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) technology, these industrial blenders are controlled via a smart Siemens PLC system. Capable of handling an impressive range of viscosities and consistencies, this industrial size blender is ideal for your business. Whether you’re producing a smooth liquid or a dry cake mix, you can trust this multi-purpose industrial blending equipment.

      For industrial food blenders, mixers and cook chill equipment, look no further than our BCH range. They’re the ideal tools for producing perfectly mixed and blended food every time. Available in a range of sizes and capacities, from 75 to 400 litres, these industrial blenders are a popular choice for many food producers.

      We are a leading supplier of BCH’s range of industrial blenders and the obvious choice for major food businesses. It’s because FPE is more than just a meat and food processing equipment supplier. Think of us as your equipment solutions partner. We provide comprehensive support to all our customers, including equipment training, maintenance and parts supply. That’s the FPE difference.