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      Paunch Cleaning

      Defatting & Paunch Cleaning Machines

      If you’re in the market for quality food processing equipment for defatting and paunch cleaning, FPE can help. Our supply of MCM machines effortlessly and quickly wash, scald and bleach the inside surface of sheep paunches, beef paunches and more.

      When you choose FPE as your supplier, you’ll receive a technologically-advanced paunch cleaning machine complete with a user-friendly programmable controller – which enables you to manage every aspect of the operation. Not only that, but you’ll get comprehensive support from our expert team. 

      Our paunch cleaning machines are ideal for calf and sheep paunches and manifolds. For beef and sheep, it pays to purchase items that come built to last, and this is what we supply at FPE with Materiel Charles Mecal‘s stainless steel equipment. You can even clean delicate sheep stomachs without issue. Water consumption is cleverly controlled to avoid wastage. Plus, there is also a thermostatic water mixing valve and thermometer to give you precision temperature control.

      We take great pride in being a leading paunch washing equipment supplier, and we’re a natural choice for Australian and New Zealand industrial food processing operations. This is because we believe in being more than a paunch cleaning equipment supplier. Instead, we want to give all of our clients the support they need by offering equipment training, parts supply and maintenance as standard. 

      We also have top quality captive bolt stunners and automatic portioning machines available, so you can get everything you need from FPE. We’re the meat processing equipment suppliers businesses count on to deliver lasting stainless steel machines from the industry’s top suppliers, like MCM. If you have any questions or queries at all, reach out to us. We’re here to help.