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      Skinning Machines

      Our food processor clients want the best. They expect their meat processing equipment suppliers to have automatic skinning machines that guarantee precision, high yield and complete safety for the machine operator. At FPE, this is exactly what we can provide.

      From industry-leading manufacturer, Grasselli, we supply processors in Australia and New Zealand with these excellent skinning and derinding machines. This membrane skinning machine equipment is ideal for small to medium-sized industrial meat processors, as the units are compact and mobile. Intuitive and easy to use, you’ll get a clean piece of meat to work with every time. 

      Suitable for cows and pigs, you can’t go past Grasselli’s skinning machines. With an ergonomic operating height and a range of usable widths, these machines ensure better handling of the product during the work process. Not only that but the high toothroll rotating speed maximises throughput. What we like the most about this top of the range stainless steel equipment is that there are no parts to be disassembled for cleaning and sanitation purposes. The cutting-edge design features continuous welding and rounded edges, which guarantee greater hygiene.

      We can be relied upon to bring world-class food processing equipment to each client we work with. Grasselli’s high quality pieces of equipment are ideal for both large and small meat processing businesses – and even the most difficult hides are no match for these skinning machines. Quickly move from one animal to the next to keep your production line going. We also have a wide range of captive bolt stunners available, plus the very best in patty stackers – so you can get everything you need from FPE.

      At FPE, we’re a leading supplier of this vital equipment, and this makes us the go-to supplier for many major food businesses. We firmly believe in being much more than an equipment supplier to our clients. This is why we’re proud to offer maintenance, equipment training and parts supply as standard. Our support is what sets us apart from our competition.