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    Eagle PI

    We’re proud to offer the highest quality food analysis equipment for the food industry in Australia and New Zealand. This includes our range of food inspection equipment from leading food processing equipment manufacturer Eagle PI.

    Eagle PI provides top-of-the-range equipment that performs quality assurance in food processing ideal for food and meat processors. Their X-Ray inspection systems can help safeguard your brand’s reputation by screening all your food products for contaminants before you ship them out. Not only that, their all-in-one machinery can perform a fat analysis of your meat, along with a whole range of production line quality checks that include:

    • Fill level inspection
    • Mass measurement
    • Seal inspection
    • Component count

    These inspection technologies can be customised to match your unique production needs. Additionally, the dual energy Eagle X-Ray technology ensures your operation stays in compliance with local and international food safety standards. Their foreign body detection and chemical lean calculation capability is highly accurate and proven to help you increase the efficiency and safety of your operation.

    Our supply of Eagle PI’s X-Ray machines for food industry will make your quality inspection process quick and easy. All Eagle product inspection machines feature a durable, stainless steel design with a bright, user-friendly interface. There are several models to choose from, and you can also contact us if you’d like to customise your Eagle product quality inspection equipment.

    At FPE, we believe in delivering the best products possible to our clients in Australia and New Zealand. This is why we partnered with Eagle PI. But we also believe in delivering more to our clients than just quality equipment. This is why we offer equipment training, parts supply, maintenance and comprehensive customer support. Contact us today to find out more.

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