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      Mixer-blender & grinders

      Our food processor clients want the best. They expect their meat processing equipment suppliers to have mixer-blender & grinders that guarantee precision, high yield and complete safety for the machine operator. At FPE, this is exactly what we can provide.

      FPE takes pride in being a top supplier of meat processing equipment for the food industries in Australia and New Zealand. In order for us to offer the finest mixer-blenders and grinders, we have searched far and wide, leading us to industry famous brand, Mepaco. Being renowned as leading suppliers of meat processing equipment, we take immense pride in partnering with Mepaco for their exceptional reputation and reliability. 

      Mepaco’s mixer-blenders are engineered to produce consistent and repeatable products, with capacities ranging from 1000 lbs to 8000 lbs. Their focus is on reducing cycle times and ensuring reliability in production, quality, workmanship, safety, and sanitary design. Mixer-blenders offer versatility, quick blending, and adherence to stringent sanitary and safety guidelines. Mepaco’s engineers continuously innovate to exceed customer expectations and regulatory compliance goals.

      Mepaco’s heavy-duty blenders feature durable feedscrews with an extra-large centering pin, providing excellent support for the 300-pound feedscrews. The spring technology allows for cleaner cuts, reduces pin-hold wear, and extends the grinder’s lifespan. Mepaco’s USDA-approved grinders offer versatile configurations for various materials, including meat, dough, cheeses, vegetables, and more. Expect top-quality grinders with exceptional efficiency from Mepaco.

      At FPE, we’re a leading supplier of this vital equipment, and this makes us the go-to supplier for many major food businesses. We firmly believe in being much more than a food processing equipment supplier to our clients. This is why we’re proud to offer maintenance, equipment training and parts supply as standard. Our support is what sets us apart from our competition.

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