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      Food Processing Chillers

      The Best Food Processing Chillers Available

      At FPE, we’ve worked hard to find and supply the world’s best food processing chillers for Australia and New Zealand. We’re extremely proud of our selection of cook and chill equipment, and that includes these chill systems from DC Norris.

      DCN manufactures high quality industrial cooking equipment for food and meat processors. Their high-end food processing systems are perfect for cooking food that needs steady and precise temperature control throughout the cooking process. You’ll get precision control from start to finish, as you move seamlessly through the cooking process and into chilling with the vacuum cooling equipment we offer.

      Our cooling systems allow you to rapidly cool your items before packaging them to sell or ship. Additionally, the pump fill station ensures you get consistent amounts of product in all of your pouches to cook or chill – whatever your particular processing application and production line requires. The special food-grade pump effortlessly handles high and low viscosity products without accidentally damaging sensitive food products.

      Our range of food processing chillers also includes the tumble chiller. This machine evenly cools your products after you bag them without causing any damage. It comes with an HMI screen that leaves zero room for error, and it logs the cooling times along with the temperature of each batch.

      The food processing chillers from DCN allow for stock buildup for future use, less waste and consistent quality. The stainless steel design makes the equipment easy to maintain and clean between uses. It also reduces the risk of contaminating products.

      At FPE, we want to be more than just suppliers of food processing chillers and food manufacturing solutions. We work with innovative equipment manufacturers to provide valuable solutions to our customers. These solutions also include comprehensive customer support, equipment training, parts supply and maintenance. This end-to-end service is what makes FPE different from the competition.