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      AMTek Microwave

      We’re proud to bring the best food processing equipment to the Australia and New Zealand food industries. At FPE, we work hard to build solid partnerships with the most innovative companies on the market. One of these food processing equipment manufacturers is AMTek Microwave.

      The food processing machines by AMTek Microwaves increase production capabilities while giving you energy-efficient equipment you can depend on. Their automatic tempering machines effectively temper your products in a few hours instead of days, and this lets you get products out the door quicker.

      Not only will these tempering systems maximise your yields, they’ll also improve product quality in every batch by reducing drip loss. You’ll always get precise temperature control with AMTek Microwave equipment. This ensures your product is within the required ranges for subsequent grinding, slicing, forming and moulding before packaging and shipping.

      These industrial microwave systems come custom-designed for your specific needs, operation size and volume. They come with spare parts and a flexible installation process to reduce operational downtime and ensure you have all you need to keep your equipment in top shape. Additionally, all AMTek microwave equipment has stainless steel construction for optimum hygiene and durability.

      At FPE, we highly recommend the products from AMTek Microwave. We strive to go above and beyond for our customers in every way possible. Our customers get support from our friendly and experienced team. We also give them routine maintenance assistance to prevent lengthy breakdowns, spare parts for quick fixes and equipment training for staff. This is what makes us the preferred equipment supplier in the region.

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