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      DC Norris

      DC Norris: World Leaders In Food Processing

      For more than 45 years, DC Norris have proven themselves as market leaders in industrial food, beverage and pet food processing and packaging solutions. We are proud to list them as one of our food processing equipment manufacturers.

      In that time, they have manufactured some of the largest food
      processing plants in the world, pioneered new solutions and earned a reputation
      for quality, innovation and understanding food manufacturers’ needs.

      DC Norris are specialists in manufacturing high-quality food processing equipment from stand-alone industrial cooking equipment to fully automated processing lines. The DCN Cook-Chill System has become an industry benchmark, with food companies around the world using their ground-breaking technology to create meals of the highest quality, with a safe extended shelf life.

      Their Cook-Chill system can manufacture, cook, cool, process and package a wide range of convenience food products including:

      • Soups
      • Sauces
      • Pasta & Rice
      • Vegetables
      • Fruit
      • Fish
      • Desserts
      • Ready-Made
      • Meals & Desserts

      DC Norris have provided many years of reliable, cost-effective food processing and packaging solutions to food manufacturers, supermarkets, hotels, schools, casinos and resorts worldwide.

      As a leading supplier of DC Norris equipment in Austraila and New Zealand, we’re perfectly placed to help you, whatever your food business. Plus, we offer extensive support to all our customers, as well as equipment training and maintenance so you’ve always got the right help when you need it.

      If you would like to find out more about our DCN cooking solutions or food processing chillers, contact FPE today.

      Jet Cook™ System

      The fastest and most energy-efficient steam cooking system available, Jet Cook delivers better taste & texture at lower costs compared to other systems.

      Sous Vide Cook-Chill System

      DC Norris’ Industrial Sous Vide Cook-Chill system provides total
      control over cooking times & temperatures for food that needs to be cooked
      to perfection every single time.