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      Bettcher Industries

      We believe everyone should trust the food they eat and the equipment that’s used to produce it. That’s why we search far and wide for the best food processing products while partnering with the most well-known companies in the world. These are the reasons we’ve teamed up with food processing equipment manufacturer Bettcher Industries.

      Bettcher Industries is the developer and manufacturer of a range of food processing equipment for bone and fat trimming. The Whizard Trimmer is used in large and small processing plant operations, streamlining meat processing production lines and boosting their output.

      Bettcher Industries brought the advanced Quantum design and durability to their Whizard Trimmer to keep up with meat processing demands. Understanding that food processors need hard-wearing tools with easy maintenance and energy efficiency, we’re proud to supply Bettcher Industries’ meat cutting equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

      Bettcher Industries is a brand staple in meat processing plants around the world because their meat processing equipment boosts productivity while lowering staff costs. A single Whizard Trimmer can eclipse the work of other cutters, and this allows you to put out more product.

      When you choose to source your equipment from FPE, you know you’re getting tools from the best developers and manufacturers on the market. We also strive to exceed your expectations by offering extensive support to all customers. You’ll get quality parts supply, routine maintenance and expert equipment training to ensure your staff are safe and proficient using our machines. Contact us to find out more today.

      Bettcher spare parts 

      At FPE we want to ensure your Bettcher equipment lasts, which is why we offer the Quantum Flex® trimmer parts: