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      Mechanical Deboned Meat Machines

      Mechanically separated meat can be used for bulking, ready-made foods like lunch meats, sausages, hamburgers, or pet food. 

      FPE supplies food processing machines that mechanically debone meat from POSS. POSS are specialists in separator design and manufacture. These heavy-duty machines can take a very high sustained thrust load through the screw and onto the thrust bearing assembly to produce premium coarse ground meat at the Screen Plate head. 

      POSS separators provide the highest yield in the industry, with the lowest temperature rise. These advanced meat recovery machines are suitable for deboning beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood and pet food. 

      Mechanical deboning machines are used in both the poultry and meat industry and the fish and seafood industry to remove bone, producing a high yield. 

      POSS uniquely designed machines mechanically debone meat to produce lean output. The flow-through hydraulic Auto-Restrictor works together with a single reduction, thrust-capable gearbox with a 4:1 service factor to ensure a generous machine lifespan. The process effectively removes bone to recover meat that is safe for consumption.

      Frequently asked questions

      What is the mechanical deboning process?

      A mechanical deboning machine compresses meat and bone together before forcing it through a fine screen to produce mechanically separated meat. 

      What is an MDM machine?

      A deboning machine removes bone from meat. This speeds up the cooking time as bones require longer heat than flesh.  

      What is MDM meat used for?

      Mechanically deboned meat (MDM) is ideally suited for luncheon meats, hot dogs, nuggets, patties, sausages and other processed meats like salami.