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      The food industries in Australia and New Zealand count on FPE to provide them with the best food processing equipment on the current market. As such, we’re proud to supply Grasselli products to our customers. This food processing equipment manufacturer is passionate about the art of slicing and keeps incredibly high standards when it comes to reliability, safety and precision.

      Grasselli skinning machines have high output and are easy to use. For derinding and membrane skinning, there are no better machines. Featuring cutting-edge design, with continuous welding and rounded edges for better hygiene, they’re fully automatic, making them ideal for in-line solutions.

      Grasselli’s meat portioning machines are second to none. With options available for beef, pork and poultry meat, their weight control slicing technology guarantees precision at high production volumes, minimising waste and give-away. They deliver perfectly portioned products ready to be packed in trays.

      However, what Grasselli is best known for is slicing. We supply several different models in their stainless steel meat slicer machine range, which are the best money can buy when it comes to vegetable or meat products. You get a broad range of slicing options, allowing you to customise your cuts to suit. The Grasselli machines effortlessly slice bone-in and boneless meat in consistent portions that are ready for packaging or further weighing and processing.

      These high-quality Grasselli food processing machines set the standard for the food processing industry, and we’re proud to stock them at FPE. It’s the ideal equipment for producing fine-cut pork chops, steak, sliced fish and everything in between. Even more delicate cuts of meat can go through the Grasselli skinning and slicing machines without an issue. You’ll get precision control, state-of-the-art technology and different speed variations to create the ideal processing environments for your meat products.

      We are a proud leading supplier of Grasselli equipment in Australia and New Zealand. At FPE, we believe that everyone deserves to trust the food they eat, and the equipment that it is produced with! So we give all of our customers support in the form of parts supply, routine maintenance and equipment training. When you combine this with our partnership with leading manufacturers such as Grasselli, it’s easy to see the FPE difference.

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