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      Other Food Processing Machines

      Other Food Processing Machines We Can Supply

      At FPE, we’re proud to stock a broad range of high-quality food processing machines from several reputable suppliers. We offer food processing equipment to food processors in Australia and New Zealand, and our clients rely on us to meet their needs quickly and efficiently.

      If you need to temper your food products before you portion and package them, look no further than AMTek Microwave‘s automatic tempering machine. It takes your days-long process and condenses it down into mere minutes for high-speed production.

      For many in the food processing industry, getting access to canned ingredients is a laborious process. DC Norris‘s industrial electric can opener can breeze through this task in no time at all, which could be a game-changer for your bottom line. It leaves no metal chips, cuts the lid in one motion and has a host of options, like a product and liquid separation chute.

      At FPE, you’ll also find food extrusion equipment among our lineup of food processing machines. You’ll be able to create your signature shapes without slowing down your production. You can then whizz them through to packaging on a SYSPAL rotary turntable and get them ready to ship to your customers.

      We are a leading supplier of food processing machines in Australia and New Zealand, and this makes us the natural choice for large food businesses. Our goal is to provide all of the support and equipment our clients need. This is why we offer parts supply, maintenance and equipment training as standard. This is what sets us apart from our competition.