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      Whizard Trimmers

      Industry-leading Whizard Trimmers

      As far as industrial meat cutting equipment goes, FPE supplies some of the best from around the globe to food businesses in Australia and New Zealand. That includes Whizard Trimmers.

      Meat industry processors, take note. Ideal for pork, beef, lamb and poultry, Whizard meat trimmers are second to none at removing lean meat from bones and heads. They can be used to trim rib cages, debone chicken thighs and legs, or even devein livers. They’re the latest and greatest in fleshing machines. Meat manufacturers will experience better yields and energy efficiency, and less operator training and parts maintenance when using these tools. 

      Available in a range of sizes, Whizard Trimmers promise to improve your worker productivity and lower your long-term cost of operation. As a leading supplier of food processing equipment in Australia and New Zealand, including Bettcher’s trimming products, FPE is your first port of call for anything Whizard trimmer related.

      Introducing the Quantum Flex Trimmer

      The Whizard Quantum Flex Trimmer system from Bettcher Industries is hailed as the most productive and profitable of its kind in the world. These high performance blades won’t disappoint. Featuring:

      • Increased blade speed
      • Larger diameter pinion with additional gear teeth
      • Quick-change blades

      Resulting in:

      • Less operator fatigue
      • Easier cuts and higher yields
      • Small trimmer sizes are up to 20-30% faster

      Don’t forget, we’re only a phone call away if you have any queries. At FPE, we take your food production business seriously; it’s our business to supply operations like yours and we’ve been doing so for nearly 4 decades. We’re a family-owned business with the reach of a global operation, so put your trust in us to help you achieve your food business’ goals.

      Whizard Trimmer FAQ

      Can I use the Whizard Trimmer for taxidermy?

      The short answer is yes—in fact, it’s the ideal tool. A taxidermist can dramatically improve the productivity of his or her craft by using Bettcher’s specialist meat trimmer. 

      What are the different types of Whizard Trimmer?

      Pending your proposed application, there is a Whizard trimmer to suit. They are grouped in sizes according to the blade diameter/style for the particular application. For example, small trimmers are used for a wide range of high yield trimming applications, whereas medium size and large trimmers are mainly used for defatting as well muscle removal. The Trimvac model is a combination of cutting and vacuum mainly used for spinal cord removal but also used to enhance defatting and lean recovery applications across all species.

      Can I view the Whizard Trimmer manual?

      All Bettcher product manuals can be viewed on their website – here is the link.

      Do you offer spare parts for the Bettcher Whizard Trimmer?

      Absolutely—in particular, all common wearing parts, and, if ordered before 3pm, we can dispatch that same day. So you can be rest assured it won’t be long before your production line is back at peak performance. Our internal sales support team man the phones from 8am until 5pm, Monday to Friday, so don’t hesitate to give them a call.

      Do you also supply the Whizard gloves?

      Whizard gloves make trimming tools safer for the operator by offering a mesh barrier between the blade and hand. FPE does not supply cut resistant gloves or stainless steel mesh gloves.