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      Elpress is a very well-known industrial hygiene and cleaning equipment manufacturer and we’re proud to offer a wide product range from them at FPE. Major foodservice businesses and producers rely on their high-quality equipment and sanitising systems. Now we offer them to you in Australia and New Zealand.

      Elpress’s cleaning systems are extremely efficient, and their product range enables businesses to uphold international standards in their processing plants. With stainless steel design and an easy to operate interface, you get durable and reliable cleaning machines with Elpress. It’s easy to integrate Elpress equipment into your business process. Their industrial washing systems allow you to seamlessly clean load carriers, like boxes and pallets, between batches of products. Additionally, all of their machines are economical with water, energy and cleaning solutions. This protects your bottom line as well as speeding up production processes.

      Elpress also brings their years of experience manufacturing top-quality products to offer a line of industrial cleaning equipment for personal hygiene. They offer a vast range of hand hygiene systems, from stainless steel wash basins and chemical dispensers to hygienic entrances. All these solutions are designed to make it quick and easy for staff to go in and out of production areas without risking contamination or cross-contamination.

      With several models of hand and boot cleaning stations available, plus precision control, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your equipment and staff are free from contaminants and ready to work. At FPE, we believe in supplying the highest quality equipment possible and going above and beyond for our customers. This is why we offer – in addition to the Elpress products – an extensive support service that includes equipment training, parts supply and routine maintenance. This is the FPE difference.

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