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      POSS Separators

      At FPE, we believe in partnering with only the industry’s best food processing equipment manufacturers, one of which is POSS.

      POSS separators are the industry standard in mechanical separating technology. First developed in the mid 1970’s, POSS separators are known for their reliability and consistency in high performance and high-quality meat recovery.
      Today, POSS separators are compatible with an increasingly diverse series of separation applications. Ideal for all types of meat, from seafood to poultry, pork and red meat, POSS mechanical separators can be used for the following applications, achieving maximum meat yield:

      ● Deboning
      ● Desinewing
      ● Grinding
      ● Defatting

      POSS is truly the global industry leader in quality separation solutions. The majority of these machines are designed to process conventional chicken mechanical deboning, following manual and automated poultry cut up lines.

      FPE is proud to supply these best-in-class solutions to meat industry and seafood industry processors throughout Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today to find out more about our meat processing equipment or range of POSS machines.

      POSS Separator FAQ

      What is a mechanical separator?

      A mechanical meat separator is a machine that is used to separate meat from bone and other inedible tissues. It works by applying pressure to the input material against a screen to filter the soft meat from the hard bone, cartilage, sinew, etc.

      What are mechanical separators used for?

      Mechanically separated meat (MSM) is the most common product that is produced by a POSS mechanical separator, but it can also produce ground, finely textured, or minced products. MSM is often used in processed meat products such as hot dogs, sausages, bologna, mortadella, and chicken nuggets.