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      Crate Washers

      Australia’s Best Crate Washers

      We make it our mission to bring the industry’s best industrial washing systems for the food industry to Australia and New Zealand. This includes our range of crate washers, which comes from Elpress.

      Elpress‘s crate washing machines are excellent cleaning systems that wash and rinse all in one contained machine. They can wash between 170 to 400 crates per hour – giving you fast and streamlined operations from start to finish. We understand how vital it is for businesses in the food industry to have fast machinery, which is where this range of box, crate, pallet washers and commercial utensil washers excels.

      These crate washers come with a heavy-duty stainless steel construction that ensures longevity and quality. They’re capable of washing a large volume of crates in a streamlined fashion. This can speed up operations in industrial settings, giving you sanitised and clean crates every time.

      In the event of a problem, the emergency stop on the control panel will immediately shut the plastic crate washer down. There is an innovative water level switch that helps to cut back on water waste, and it prevents the pumps from running dry and burning out the machine. The rotating parts come with protective caps to keep debris out of the machine’s interior. There is also a flap on the end of the chute to prevent water from splashing out when it runs through a cycle.

      We are an industry-leading supplier of crate washers, plus box and bin washing equipment in Australia and New Zealand. At FPE, we dedicate ourselves to being more than just an industrial cleaning equipment supplier. We believe that everyone deserves to trust the food they eat, and the equipment that it is produced with. This is why we offer constant support for our customers, maintenance, parts supply and equipment training. Contact us today for details of how we can help your business.