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      Hygienic Entrances

      Total Peace of Mind With a Hygienic Entrance

      At FPE, we’ve researched and rounded up the very best industrial cleaning equipment for the food industries in Australia and New Zealand. Our lineup includes a broad range of hygienic entrance solutions from Elpress.

      Elpress’ hygienic entrances are, in effect, automatic shoe sole cleaners combined with hand hygiene systems, complete with turnstile gateway. The hands-free design ensures that workers’ hands and feet can be sanitised immediately before they enter production areas.

      The hygienic entrance cleans the soles of the shoes and employees’ hands at the same time. With the freedom to choose which disinfectants you want to use and a host of optional add-ons, it’s easy to develop a hygienic entrance system that is ideally suited to your situation. We understand how devastating contamination can be to the food industry, and this is why we’re proud supporters of this equipment.

      The hygienic entrance unit includes a disinfectant bath that gets refreshed automatically. This reduces the number of chemicals wasted, while ensuring there is no down-time between uses. It comes with a stainless steel and ergonomic design that makes the system perfect for both large and small operations.

      All of our industrial hygiene equipment is designed to be automatic and easy to use. Employees simply stand on the unit while it completes the sanitisation process for them. The turnstile then releases automatically after the disinfectant process is complete.

      At FPE, we’re a leading supplier of industrial washing systems in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve developed our business to be more than simply distribution. We believe everyone deserves to trust the food they eat, and the equipment that it is produced with. We work with innovative food processing equipment manufacturers to provide solutions to our customers with this in mind. It’s also one of the reasons we offer comprehensive customer support. Contact us today for more information.