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      Sanitising Conveyors

      Industry-leading Sanitising Conveyors

      The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety requires there to be physical segregation between high and low care food areas. SYSPAL’s sanitising conveyors are perfect for complying with these standards and transferring utensils and packaged ingredients between areas. This type of food processing equipment is invaluable for food processors in Australia and New Zealand.

      These sanitising machines ensure that items are sanitised before entering a high care environment. The food-grade modular plastic conveyor belting features sanitising tunnels in which solution from the stainless steel jet nozzles is sprayed over the product.

      The sanitising conveyor gives you clean and dry packaged ingredients before they come into contact with any other food products in your facility. This reduces the chances of contamination or bacteria spreading from one location to another. It will ensure you’re always compliant with the latest food industry regulations, which will save your food processing plant downtime, wasted products and money.

      These SYSPAL sanitising conveyors give you optimum security and hygiene, no matter what you’re processing. Designed with maximum equipment hygiene in mind, these stainless steel machines are available in 1.4m or 2.1m long models. Combine yours with a rotary turntable to keep your food processing line running at peak efficiency.

      At FPE, we’re proud to bring SYSPAL’s food processing machines to both large and small food industry clients in the region. We understand how important having a sanitising conveyor is for food manufacturers, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about this innovative technology.

      At FPE, we go above and beyond for our clients, offering comprehensive support. You’ll get equipment training, parts supply and routine maintenance when you choose us. This is the FPE difference and why we have such a solid reputation.